Wes Edens Diversifies Investment Portfolio To Transport And Sports

Wes Edens has made a name for himself in the alternative investment world for his ability to spot potential wins. For instance, when he and his partners left employment and sought to establish Fortress Investment Capital the future was seemingly bleak and the applicability of their ideas a huge gamble.The current Fortress chairman was, however, able to organize labor and bring together experienced minds in the industry towards the success of his company. He particularly played a crucial role in identifying potential investment markets in real estate credit, financial services, and healthcare that helped Fortress capital emerge top among the leading alternative investment companies in the country. The recent saturation of hedge funds scrambling for the limited investment opportunities has however seen him shift his focus on more promising ventures as sports and transportation with investments in Aston Villa and the recent launch of Bright line speed train.

Investing in English Premier League

The fortress capital chairman’s interest in sports is no longer a secret, and it all started with his love for basketball. This saw him invest heavily in Milwaukee Bucks, a franchise of the National Basketball Association, which he now co-owns with Marc Lasry. His interest in sports further manifested with his great investments in the launch of an e-sports video gaming platform referred to as Fly Quest.The recent acquisition of a controlling share in Aston Villa, therefore, follows a pattern of spotting potential investments in the sports industry. By taking over Aston Villa, Wes Edens hopes to help influence its management and pitch performance in a bid to have it promoted to the elite and globally acclaimed English Premier League.

Investments in the Transportation Sector

Investments in sports and transport by Wes Edens are an appreciation that the alternative investment companies need to diversify and quite overreliance on traditional investment vehicles. This realization saw his company launch a private rail line, Brightline, which connects Miami and Fort Lauderdale and expected beyond Florida in the near future. By launching Brightline, the only private passenger rail project in the country, Wes Edens hopes to bring sanity to the south Florida transport corridor that’s is notorious for its massive traffic gridlocks.

Bottom Line

Wes has played an instrumental role in the success of Fortress investment group. His latest diversification efforts further proof his commitment to its sustainability as it helps the hedge fund explore more non-conventional but equally rewarding opportunities while minimizing risk. Transport and sports may, therefore, be just the beginning of yet another new dawn in the world of alternative investment.