Wen’s Line of Cleansing Conditioners are Better at Hydrating the Hair

A Wikipedia conducted research reveals that a lot of women suffer from dry, thin hair, which could be caused by environmental factors or from too much styling or processing. The environmental factors that tend to make hair dry, brittle or thin include exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and exposure to cigarette smoke. Women who style their hair on a daily basis using curling irons, heated rollers, blow dryers and gels, often end up with dry, thin hair due to their hair’s lack of moisture.

Some women end up spending a lot of money trying to counter the effects that caused their dry, thin hair. Shampoos and conditioners sometimes offer generic solutions to problems that need to be addressed in a more specific manner. A conditioner labeled as being good for dry hair, might not add the necessary moisture the hair needs in order to stay soft and supple.

Better Hydrating Solutions

The cleansing conditioners available in the WEN hair line of products are made with ingredients that help hydrate each strand of hair to bring back its natural state of softness. The best hydrating ingredients are those found in nature, says Chaz Dean, which is why each variety of Wen contains botanical extracts. Plant extracts such as aloe, penetrate the hair to help make it more supple. Wen’s Pomegranite smoothing serum contains grapeseed oil to help put moisture back into dry damaged hair.

Tea tree oil is well known for the restorative properties it contains, which is why the line of Wen products on QVC offers this unique variety. Wen’s Tea Tree variety of cleansing conditioner helps improve the condition of thin hair by stimulating the scalp and follicles. This variety can also soothe the scalp to relieve dryness, itching and flakes. All of Wen’s cleansing conditioners also contain natural plant extracts that help strengthen hair while also adding volume, shine and manageability.

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