The OSI Industries International Expansion

Many people buying food in supermarkets have little worry about the origin of their purchases. Similarly, no one inclines to question about ingredient purchases when dining in any restaurant. Considering the number of people eating/buying food out, one realizes it is a fascinating kind of food production. It is thus worthwhile to know about the companies feeding today’s societies.

There are many food companies, but OSI Industries stands out as the most prominent. Even though the company’s headquarters are in Illinois, it has a worldwide impact. There is a high chance you’ve been feeding on the company’s products without knowing it. It is so because OSI packaged products sell in supermarkets and restaurants around the globe. The company mostly focuses on producing meat items.

A Giant

OSI Industries is a subsidiary of OSI Group, which is privately held. OSI Group is under company President, David McDonald, and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin. Currently, the company operates in 17 countries. With over 20,000 employees, OSI provides beef, pork, bacon/ sausages, pizzas, snacks, desserts, seafood, and many other protein foods. Its 65 facilities help it to maintain operations and supply clients all over the world.

OSI Industries is growing big due to smart moves by the people at its parent company OSI Group. Recently, OSI Group purchased Baho Foods, another large food production company. Baho Foods has its base in the Netherlands, and other subsidiaries in that territory, plus all over Germany. It is evident that OSI Group wants to increase sales and ramp up production.

More Expansion

OSI Industries is growing at a fast pace. Other than in the Netherland and Germany, OSI Group expanded to markets in the European continent. In 2016, the company purchased Flagship Europe to take over its frozen condiments, pies, and poultry production. The leadership at OSI Group wanted Flagship Europe to grasp new opportunities emerging in the European Continent.

OSI Industries can only move upwards. There is a spirited push by its parent company to expand internationally. Even so, the expansion is also touching on OSI Group’s domestic presence. This was evident in June 2016 when OSI purchased Tyson Food’s food plant in Chicago that was about to close shop. Expect to feast more on OSI products.

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