Talos Energy Hopes To Find Mutual Benefit In A Pemex Partnership:

There has been a consortium of exploratory oil firms that have been working off the coast of Mexico in what is called the Zama field. Taking the lead in this exploration of Zama is Texas-based Talos Energy. This consortium is doing some of the most critical work today in the energy industry and will look to a future with a cooperative venture with Pemex. Pemex is an energy firm that is run by the Mexican state and a partnership with the Talos Energy led exploratory consortium could prove to be a truly lucrative move for all involved. So far, the work being done by Talos Energy in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico has yielded very promising results. It was just last year that Talos Energy found a significant deposit of oil. When all is said and done, this oil deposit could end up amounting to an incredible two billion barrels.

One of the reasons that a partnership with Pemex makes sense for Talos Energy and its partners is the fact that the Zama field sits directly next to a major exploratory field that Pemex is currently planning to drill in soon. The data that Pemex has already collected regarding oil caches in this region of the Gulf is valuable information that can have a great benefit to the efforts being put forward by Talos Energy. Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan has also confirmed that with this deal, Talos Energy and its consortium would share the data that it has collected with Pemex.

Founded by Tim Duncan during the 2012 fiscal year, Talos Energy has quickly made a name in the oil and gas industry for its aggressive exploration of promising oil caches, particularly ones that are located in the Gulf of Mexico. The firm has also recently completed a major merger with Stone Energy that garnered Talos Energy an immediate position as a publically traded entity. The firm makes its headquarters in the Texas city of Houston. The recent finds in the Zama field have already begun yielding results for Talos Energy which has partnered with several other exploratory firms including Sierra Oil and Premiere Oil.


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