Talk Fusion Continues To Provide Excellence

Talk Fusion adds the experience of a face to face message to email through its app, Fusion On The Go, now in iTunes and Google Play stores. Whether it is a newsletter to an entire email list or a response to a supplier or client, adding a video message can make a simple email seem more personalized. Some things are just easier to explain through video than through text, such as which logo works better in various mediums or how to fix a glitch on a computer or website. Video messages are also more entertaining than reading an email. Modern web users have short attention spans and are more likely to get their information from a video where it is told to them than from taking the time to read about something. Talk Fusion allows a person to create a video in the app or upload a video recorded elsewhere, choose from a supply of available email templates, add text to the email, and send it, all from the convenience of their mobile device or computer.

Bob Reina, who founded the company in 2007 after over twenty-five years of network marketing experience, is committed to being a step ahead of the industry and strives to always have the best technology available. An example of that is while Web Real-Time Communication technologies like FaceTime and web phone services were just starting out, Talk Fusion was already integrating the technology into their software, allowing video chat through their app. Reina saw the potential for the video chat software while it was still being developed and offered it to his clients before other businesses even understood the technology. Although it can be used for calls to family, the app is great for communicating with clients or team members for a quick conference or if time and distance do not allow a meeting. One person sets up a private and secure meeting room and invites other members to the video meeting, allowing meetings on any mobile device connected to the internet and even international meetings. Once created, the members can return to the room whenever they want to meet again. With no ads on the app, the ability to save conversations for later reference, and unlimited messaging, it is no surprise that Fusion On The Go is an industry favorite. Learn more: