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Steve Ritchie started playing the role of being a CEO for a Louisville-based Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) in early January, and he noted that the positive effect on consumer sentiment was proving successful in their move to rebrand and focus on the company’s employees. Steve Ritchie stated that according to the provided information from various research firms, opinions from consumers was enough proof that Papa John’s was changing from bad to a much more better position and this was after the company presented its “Voices” movement in September. This progress pleased Steve Ritchie Papa Johns as he was impressed with how the quick actions brought out such a positive impact on the company.

One time during a call, Steve Ritchie was quite optimistic on the company’s progress, and he even pointed out that the restructuring of the company’s executive suite would help the pizza giant be able to focus more on its consumers. At the moment the company is undergoing restructuring with Mike Nettles as the new executive vice president, chief operator and the officer in charge of growth. According to an article from, four other presidential roles were created for the new vice president, and they were formed around interaction with customers and their interests. These roles include analytics and technology, menu strategy, experiences of the consumers, and innovation and branding. In the earnings call, Steve Ritchie stated that for Papa John to concentrate on its five key focuses that he had defined earlier, restructuring had to be involved as it would be of great help. In the late summer, shares in the company dropped, and various big jumps were made just six weeks amid talks of a likely acquisition and within September news were out that the company was in search of acquisition offers.

Two private-equity firms and two other activist investors had shown interest and were considering the deal. Steve Ritchie still believed that the company would be going to the last quarter and he stated that he saw hints that their improvement activities were totally working. Steve Ritchie continually stated the improved customer remark in North America and their strong cash flows reinforced their confidence much more in the future. Steve Ritchie was totally committed to building and ensuring that the company moved forward to higher success.

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