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Though a relatively new idea, cryptocurrencies are fast becoming ubiquitous. They are increasingly preoccupying the conversational spaces of individuals, companies and governments alike. With Bitcoin invented by Satoshi Nakamoto serving as the gold standard, digital currencies have captured the imagination of many entities including governments, companies, and banks which are increasingly investing resources towards coming up with their bespoke block-chain projects. This is despite the growing market volatilities associated with digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Buoyed by the increasing popularity of these decentralized digital currencies, multinational banks and financial advisory institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Barclays and Southridge Capital are increasingly embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and expanding their services portfolios to include digital currencies.


Other than these mainstream financial institutions, companies and financial entities such as Cboe and Intercontinental Exchange have accepted cryptocurrencies as trading products. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have also made their way into real estate and hospitality industries with major players such as Rick Hilton embracing blockchain ledgers and digital currencies. Despite their increasing uptake and acceptance especially in the global sector, cryptocurrencies are still feared in many quarters of the global community due to the relatively inadequate understanding of how they work and the volatility of their markets. However, Southridge Capital through its vast market expertise and top talents has played a significant role in demystifying cryptocurrencies through its bespoke and innovative financial advisory services.


When Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge in 1996, he based the business idea on his vast experience working in the hedge fund sector. Currently serving as the company’s chief executive officer, Mr. Hicks believes that their successes over the years have been founded on their industry knowledge that they have accumulated for over two decades. Basing their structured financial advisory services on experience has played a key role in the ability of the company to attract clients globally. You can visit for more.



An alumnus of Fordham University and King’s College where he graduated with his Masters and B.S. degrees in Business Administration, respectively, Hicks is excited by the prospects offered by cryptocurrency. By continually monitoring markets for potential opportunities and clients, Hicks who is also skilled in risk arbitrage in addition to derivatives has guided Southridge Capital to global success and expanded its service portfolio.


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