Roseann Bennett Speaks The Truth About The Future Of Therapy

Roseann Bennett is a selfless person who has dedicated her time and energy, so she can help others. In an article on (Roseann Bennett Looks At The Future Of Therapy), Brian Harris writes about how she’s looking at the future of therapy. Bennett has an MA and Ed.S in family and marriage therapy and is licensed as a therapist. She’s worked hard over the years to make sure The Center for Treatment and Assessment successful and people go to the center to get the help they need for their mental health.


Roseann Bennett says the future of therapy using telemedicine isn’t going to stop people from seeing their therapists. It’s something that helps therapists communicate with their patients through text and Skype if they need to. There are several benefits to this type of care. Telemedicine is becoming more popular with people who like the convenience of doing everything on their phones. This can mean getting a prescription through face-timing your doctor or sending them a picture of a reaction you’re having to get medical advice. Read This Article for more information.


This type of medicine is convenient. You don’t have to take the time to go down to the office when you’re feeling under the weather. It also can cost less. Since you’re not seeing a doctor in the office, you won’t have to pay as much for the appointment. Telemedicine also helps to reduce the spread of germs because fewer people are coming into the office.


As part of completing her Mental Health Awareness Week, Bennett wanted to talk about the trend of telemedicine and how it will affect the world of therapy. Roseann Bennett believes that therapy is a mix of relationships and connections.


Roseann Bennett thinks that telemedicine is good for people who can’t leave their homes, but as far as getting the most from a therapist, face to face sessions are still the best.


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