Why End Citizens United Opposed Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination

There are just a few weeks to go until America votes in the 2018 midterm elections. The progressive political action committee End Citizens United (ECU) has endorsed many candidates for political office this year who support campaign finance reform.

This organization was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in the nation’s capital. End Citizens United was formed in response to End Citizens United vs. FEC court case that wound up being heard by the Supreme Court. This court disastrously sided with End Citizens United. As a direct result of that ruling, corporations can not inject endless amounts of dark money into political campaigns without any restrictions. Follow the group on LinkedIn.

End Citizens United has endorsed dozens of candidates for office this election cycle. As they point out there is a huge amount at stake in this election. Some of the candidates they have endorsed are seeking to replace Republicans who currently serve in the House or the Senate.

This PAC vigorously opposed Judge Brett Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court. He was a disastrous pick for many reasons who threatens the rights of millions of people in the United States. He is a right-wing extremist who wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade and supports the Supreme Court decision that allowed corporations to take over American politics.

Their opinion at this organization is that he will help further rig the system so that corporate special interests are able to get even more of their wishes fulfilled. Throughout his history as a Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh has shown that he almost always supports the interests corporations and wealthy people over those of average Americans. If there is a court case in the future where campaign finance reform is involved he will no doubt be the deciding vote blocking it.

The team behind ECU has opposed Supreme Court nominations in the past like they have Brett Kavanaugh. They were also against Judge Merrick Garland in 2006. Additionally, they opposed Donald Trump’s last Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. He, too, supports corporations over people.

Check: https://votesmart.org/interest-group/2568/end-citizens-united#.W5qSU5NKhTY


Jacob Gottlieb has a New Venture

Jacob Gottlieb is known to many as the founder of the hedge fund Visium Asset Management LP. He liquidated that fund in 2016 and has not been involved with client since then.

It has been said that Gottlieb is returning to the hedge fund management industry, launching a company known as Altium Capital. He is planning to share office space with Stuart Weisbrod. They worked together nearly twenty years ago.

The previous association of Gottlieb and Weisbrod was in a healthcare investment firm: Merlin BioMed Group. Weisbrod was one of the co-founders of that firm. Jacob Gottlieb, as portfolio manager in 1999 and 2000 produced returns of over one hundred percent along with his team. Merlin has been closed since 2007. Gottlieb moved on from there to manage other funds including Visium.

The investment industry is watching this reunion of two successful leaders. It is anticipated that there will be some new healthcare investment opportunities.

As Mr. Gottlieb has launched his new venture, Altium Capital, he has been focused on a number of health care offerings. His first investment was with Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

One reason Oramed is of such great interest to the medical community is that the process the company is working on to develop is an oral insulin capsule. This delivery method is still undergoing US trials, but it is already accepted in some other countries, such as China. In the past insulin has not remained useful when taken by mouth.

It is no wonder that Jacob Gottlieb was willing to invest in this small pharmaceutical company with his new venture. When Oramed is successful it will completely change the injectible medicine industry. With fewer injections people are less likely to suffer infection as a result of their treatment. Oral medication will be easier to use and treatment will cost less once this is available to US patients.

Jacob Gottlieb’s educational background includes a BA in Economics from Brown University as well as a medical doctorate degree from NYU Medical School. It is no wonder that he seems to find great companies to support in the medical field.


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Jason Hope on evolving internet of things

The Internet of Things is a technology that is promising to change the world. It started rolling out in recent years, but the expectations are big. The expected change will be so huge that the world will no longer be the same. This technology will change the way we live and do business. It is a technology that will be based on devices working on their own without human intervention. This technology will be supported by the ability of devices to connect to the internet. Devices will now be able to share information among themselves and therefore manage to complete tasks on their own. See more of Jason Hope on Medium.

The internet of things continues to evolve with every passing day. As it evolves, its impact becomes more profound. The possibilities of it being the best technology ever are becoming real. Intelligent systems are being rolled out across the world based on this technology. We have e seen smart cars and smart street systems being launched. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Those who are familiar with the technological revolution are projecting that the impact of this technology will be so huge that there will be some cities, where the internet will control everything. IoT will allow automation of almost everything that human beings do. We shall have advanced technology that can prepare you breakfast even before you wake up.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a person who has followed technological developments keenly. He was among the first people to tell about the coming of the IoT. He projected that the changes that we are seeing would be happening, but some people thought that he was overthinking. Due to his ability to “see the future,” Jason Hope is referred to as a futurist. He can tell which trend will be taking place in years to come. Jason Hope can analyze the technological innovations and help businesses to align their operations with the projections.

Jason Hope is building a country that people can be proud of in years to come. He is trying as much as possible to help the people to realize that the technological revolution is real and that we cannot run away from it. Everything that is happening in the world is happening because we have a committed team of people who are ready to change the world. Read more: IoT Futurist Jason Hope Parallels Challenges of Cryptocurrency and IOT as Industry Values Rise



Career Life of Ara Chackerian

Innovation is a critical factor for the development of a countries economy. In today’s world, people have learned to adopt the concept for the success of their ventures as well as for the benefit of others. Many political leaders have encouraged people to adopt the art through conducting numerous researches and working together to ensure that they move fast towards meeting the countries targets. The health sector continues to thrive in the United States, due to the effort of innovative leaders like Ara Chackerian. As a dedicated investor, Ara Chackerian continues to impress many people through the many companies he established to bring changes in the sector of health. Check out norluyce.com



The renowned investor focuses on establishing imaging services firms to help doctors diagnose different diseases in their patients. Through his innovative firms, he has saved the lives of many people, particularly those suffering from chronic diseases like cancer. His contributions to the development and revolutionization of the health sector in the country are impressive. Besides, his steps have encouraged other people to share their views about the things that can be done to curb the issue of delays and low-quality services in local hospitals. Among the firms that the renowned entrepreneur has established include TMS Health Solutions, ASC Capital Holdings, among others.

As a leader, Ara Chackerian profoundly values change. Ara believes that life is a continuous process full of challenges. He believes that human beings ought to be fully prepared to learn effective tactics to handle every problem that comes their way. Besides, he encourages successful people to ensure that they help other people build their careers by sharing their success stories and even finances with them. You can visit interview.net


Ara is also a philanthropist, and he strives to make the lives of other people better through donating funds and providing them with basic needs. Over the years, he has aimed to change and touch the lives of disadvantaged people in the society, and this has earned him a lot of respect from other good wishers. Through JUMA Ventures, he has expanded his charitable services to the broader parts of the globe.



Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ara-chackerian#/entity


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Ted Bauman View On Protecting Investments in the Next Market Crash

Investing in the stock market has always been a hard task for many. This is because many fear to lose their money especially when the stock market crashes. According to Ted Bauman a financial expert with approximately 20 years of experience, a person looking to invest in the current bull market has a fifty percent chance of lose all their investment and a fifty percent chance of making a tremendous gain.

Ted Bauman work has been to write informative articles to help people make proper investments. He encourages investors to become aware of their environment before investing their money in any opportunity that comes their way. He advocates for one to conduct extensive research on the market to understand all the risks that are likely to influence his investment.

According to Ted Bauman, stock markets may crash due to certain influences such as some rules which are based on selling. Some of the rules-based selling incorporates different strategies for selling stocks. He believes investors should be aware of this influences and avoid making quick decisions that might lead to the loss of a lot of money.

He also advises investors to have a balanced viewpoint in all investment markets. He believes that there is over valuation of stocks on Wall Street which leads wrong investment decisions. He believes that a person with a neutral interest in the investment is likely to make better decisions.

He further advised investors to always plan for the future while making their investments. Many people look to make investments and do not stop to consider future risks that might arise from their decisions.

To protect their investments, Ted Bauman advocated investors to establish a wall of protection across an investment portfolio. He believes that instead of trying to earn huge sums of money within a short time, investors should focus more on creating a protective strategy for their investment. Ted Bauman believes this will help them get a lot in the end.

He also believes investors can protect their investments by investing in bonds. Unlike stock, bonds have fewer risks associated with them making them an excellent investment opportunity. He also believes that investors could invest in stocks and bonds to increase their survival chances in case of a market crisis.

Matt Badiali Identifies Another Investment Winner – Freedom Checks

Internet scams are rampant. Many of those scams seem real; it makes sense that everyone is leery of anything that appears on the internet. Still, the recently introduced Freedom Checks have been lumped in with the scams and they simply aren’t a part of the problem. The Freedom Checks presented by Matt Badiali, the geologist/expert in mining, engineering and agriculture are very real investment opportunities.

Badiali has traveled the globe researching energy opportunities for investment companies. He has taught Geology at the esteemed Universities, Duke and the University of North Carolina. He has had occasion to meet and have long conversations with T. Boone Pickens and prominent mining CEO’s. And, he advises over 100,000 investors about the next great investment in energy and natural resources.

You, the American consumer may have noticed the reduction in production of oil from the Middle East and the increase in oil production in America. The fracking process in America has yielded an increase in oil production. These companies need capital to keep on producing oil at the capacity they currently are, so they are giving the investor an opportunity to own shares. These shares yield Freedom Checks and properly named Master Limited Partnerships.

Master Limited Partnerships allow you to own a part of a company that operates in the production, processing, storage or transportation of oil or gas. Badiali expects these companies to generate large profits, which could result in the MLP owner receiving up to $34.6 billion dollars in Freedom Checks. This is what’s expected in the next 12 months, Badiali expects even more for the future.

Matt Badiali expects to see companies generate returns somewhere between 5,889% and 39,832%. That’s an astronomical return, but not so for this investment in American energy. With that kind of return, it’s possible for an investment of a mere $1,000 to turn into $398,000.

Matt Badiali’s newsletter, The Real Wealth Strategist, produced by Banyan Hill Publishing highlights investments in natural resources around the world. As a 20-year veteran, Matt Badiali has used his newsletter to identify stock picks that that have yielding a cumulative 2,178%. Freedom Checks are just one more winner Matt Badiali can take credit for pointing out to investors.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Career has Developed Dallas, Texas

Sam Jejurikar is a great name in plastic surgery. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been practicing in Dallas, Texas for more than 21 years. He has shown great reputation, and there are no signs of slowing down. He has been ever committed towards his work. He has a great passion towards posting excellent results in his private practice as well as making a great name for the plastic surgery industry. In one of his recent interviews, Sam Jejurikar stated that there is a one that guides him all through her endeavors. Sam Jejurikar affirmed that passion and love for his job is the only thing that propels him to his success. All plastic surgeons are known to work hard from the time they venture into their training all through to the time they complete their training. However, not all plastic surgeons are fond of the art of plastic surgery.

Dr, Sameer Jejurikar carries out his practice in Dallas. He is dedicated towards making safety his priority and for Dallas Plastic surgeons. Sameer managed to create himself a big name as one of the best surgeons in Dallas region since he is a member of the incredibly esteemed Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Sameer Jejurikar has been able to serve all through various institutions such as the Dallas Region at Babylon Medical Center, Forrest Park Medical Center, Day Surgery Center as well as Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Having been a resident of Dallas for more than nine years, Sameer has been able to gain vast skills and experience as a Texan. His practice has become prominent and highly popular with the locals and as well as for the patients who come from outside. Dallas has experienced tremendous growth and developed of late. Many business and industry have sprung from all over as well as in the neighboring communities.

This growth has attracted many foreigners in Dallas since they find it the best place for special procedures such as those offered by Sam Jejurikar. Sameer also stated that he operates a single plastic surgery practice which runs peacefully with other 12 plastic surgeons who does a similar thing.

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Gareth Henry Is Picked As A 2011 Rising Star

Gareth Henry was picked by the Institutional Investor as its 2011 “Rising Star” at the Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards for his great potential to ascend to the status of a leader in the hedge fund industry and for his substantial accomplishments therein and contributions thereto. Gareth Henry has been a professional investor with the Fortress Investment Group since joining the firm in the year of 2007 and holds the position of a managing director.

Gareth also holds two actuarial mathematics degrees from two universities, one from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and another first-class honors degree from the Heriot Watt University. In addition, Gareth Henry holds membership in two societies of actuaries, the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in United Kingdom and in the Fellow of Society of Actuaries in the United States. Gareth Henry’s job responsibilities at the Fortress Investment Group entails two main responsibilities: raising capital and constructing client relationships in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Gareth Henry’s employer, the Fortress Investment Group LLC, was chosen as the “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year” award for its industry excellence in innovation, achievements and contributions at the 2011 Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Award.

The Fortress Investment Group LLC is a publicly traded company. The stock exchange in which it is traded is the New York Stock Exchange and the stock ticker symbol under which it is traded is “FIG.” In the year of 1998, the Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded by Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. The threesome founded the Fortress Investment Group LLC due to the paucity of alternative asset managers in the hedge fund industry at the time offering alternative investment products to investors at large.

Visit More : angel.co/gareth-j-henry

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Review of NewsWatch on Why It’s the The Award-winning TV Show for Various News

There are approximately 3 billion people who are using computers, and most of them have a standard keyboard plus mouse set up. With that said, Contour Design is a firm specializing in designing products that are capable of disrupting this setup, creating a pain-free and more productive work setting. One of the company’s popular solution known as the ultimate workstation is their signature RollerMouse Red plus the Balance Keyboard. Their RollerMouse Red has a larger roller bar plus a left click for minimizing the impact on the fingertips of the user.

The patterns on the roller bar are designed to keep the focus of the user centralized, which help them avoid the stress associated with reaching as well as moving a normal mouse. Intuitive seven senses tracking technology typically adapts to the pace of the user as they are working. The Balance Keyboard was made as the ideal partner of the RollerMouse Red.

It has adjustable legs, as well as tilt options, which enables a perfect angle while the user is typing. It’s also wireless and does not need an on/off switch because of its technology of smart power saving. They have taken a step further with the Ultimate workstation Free 3: it has the same Balance Keyboard; however, instead of coming with the RollerMouse Red, it comes with the RollerMouse Free 3, which makes the whole workstation completely wireless.

About NewsWatch

It’s an award-winning TV show on entertainment, consumer, and technology, specifically public service announcements, breaking government and medical news, editorial plus sponsored consumer electronic reviews, mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, and consumer news.

Also, NewsWatch features on-location SMT (satellite media tour) interviews, national non-profit awareness campaigns, and VNRs (video news releases) that various providers submit to the program. It’s normally broadcasted on AMC Network at 7 am on Monday, during morning news hours and on the free-to-air TV network called all Ion Television affiliate, plus independently syndicated local stations.

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Tips to Navigate Upwork

In the current online freelance work climate, Upwork has become one of the biggest names in the industry. The company began in the early days of the internet in the 1990s, and has since undergone several corporate changes. They were bought and renamed several times before ending up as the Upwork platform we know today. The website has a huge user base, and because of this new users often have trouble getting their footing. A recent article on the website Nerd Wallet discusses how a new user can make money on the website.

Making money begins with an honest approach to reaching clients. A strong profile page with a head shot, background information, and work samples are an easy way to attract clients. Upwork is good about verifying profiles within 24 hours. The next step is making contact with clients. Free accounts have 60 connects per month. The clients expect users to fill out a series of questions and provide any relevant information for the job. On the flip side, if your profile is strong, potential clients will reach out to you personally. This often leads to better paid jobs.

On freelance sites like Upwork, its important to set yourself a competitive pay rate. Upwork will take a portion of your payment, but that will go down as you complete more tasks on the website. There is wiggle room for a user and client to negotiate a fairer price if needed. Overall, the system offers each party to rate each other after a project is completed. This holds both sides accountable to performing good work. Users with high ratings often have easier times landing future clients.

The final step of the process is to actually get paid. Upwork pays out at regular intervals, and even has a system for logging hours worked that will allow partial payments. They are a wonderful service for perspective freelancers to get started, and perhaps land a long term deal with a client. Freelance work is not without its disadvantages, but its very rewarding once an individual learns the tricks of the trade.

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