Choosing A Reliable Team Of Online Reputation Professionals

Are you wondering how to suppress negative search results and establish a good company reputation? Want to find a reliable system that will help you monitor or control your online reputation? It is a well known fact that people go online to research businesses and products before they make a buying decision. They want to make an informed decision on purchases that are important to them, so they rely on search engine results pages to provide the information they need.
Every business owner or organization across the world should strive to have a reliable management system. A reliable system is one that rebuilds your reputation by pushing down negative or derogatory search results to pages where no one will ever see them.

Having a negative reputation can be devastating to a business, and result in lost customers and diminished revenue. If you are a business owner or organization manager, you need to find out how you are perceived online or about the reputation of your organization. Bad reputation can impede your progress and prevent you from attaining the success you desire.

It is imperative that you look for ways to remove or suppress derogatory content or reviews from top pages of search results, and push up positive reviews. This is a great way to establish a good image and maintain a positive online reputation.

A reliable online reputation management firm can help you track how your company is perceived online or the nature of conversations that are going on about your brand online. All it takes is one bad review or a malicious and your online reputation can be tarnished. On the contrary, favorable content or positive reviews can enhance your business or brand and help you attract more customers.

Reputation management professionals have great expertise in monitoring and managing online reputation and assist businesses to portray a great image. These experts have their own resources and professional networks, and can assist in repairing a damaged reputation, as well as build and maintain a positive image. Be sure to have a discussion with an experienced reputation management professional before deciding how to go about monitoring and managing your online reputation.


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The Manse on the Marsh is a Caring Star Assisted Living Facility in California

Shopping for an assisted living facility, whether it is for you or a loved one, is a difficult task. Everyone has their own individual tastes and routines, and you want to find a community that you can call home.
The Senior Care Directory has made the search easier by rating assisted living facilities and honoring facilities with a “Care Award.” For 2016, The Manse on the Marsh has announced the winner of the “Caring Star.”

The Manse on the Marsh assisted living community has won the award for the past two years, but it was not by chance. There are certain criteria that must be met to qualify and win the award.

1) Earn at least one 5-star review between Dec. 1, 2014 – Sep. 30, 2015
2) Had an overall average rating greater than 4 stars.
3) There must be no unresolved negative reviews

The Manse Community exceeded these requirements by earning five 5-star reviews and at the same time, maintained an overall review average of 5-stars throughout the year. If you are looking for the perfect place for your loved ones, look for these honors on the living facility you are considering. The Care Directory is an online website where consumers can comment, rate and review, and they are the basis for the Satr Awards.

The Manse on Marsh is an outstanding member of the assisted and memory care facilities in the San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande area. The Manse community consists of single family homes, townhouses, and condos, and many of the residents found their homes on the Internet-based consumer reviews. Professional reviews can be too professional when you are looking for a personal view.

The Manse on Marsh has exceptional amenities, and the one they are most proud of is the nationally-recognized Care Planning System, This system provides services including medication management, bathing and grooming, meal reminders and much more.

Each service is assigned points on a point system, and the resident is only responsible for the services and assistance that they use on a daily basis. The Manse on Marsh is the only Arroyo Grande assisted living facility to offer this complete care system.

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Tips to A Stress Free Party

Party planning can be stressful or overwhelming to those who take on too much of the task. The point of any celebration is for everyone to have fun. To ensure everyone has fun, start the planning process early and make sure to stay organized. Parties are a large task and without organization, they can become quite daunting.

Organization can be key to a large task. Multiple to do lists from overall list to shopping list can help keep the whole affair together. A theme event can help to create a overall mood and help to keep ideas together. Invites can be an easy way to add a touch of class to an event. Another fun and simple adult way to spice up a party is to make a specialty cocktail. This way you can have a festive drink, especially for your party.

Appetizers should not be overwhelming either, and use ready made ingredients from the store. Also, any family friendly function should have a kids table, so that way guests can relax. Decorations and all the details need to be simple. Make sure to relax before the guests arrive, so you can appear relaxed. A favor can be a memorable way to take away from the party. Events that are planned can be fun and festive for the guests. The host should have as much fun as the guests. If the task seems to much, then an event firm can help plan the festivities.

Twenty three layers is an event planning company in NYC. They are a full service firm dedicated to providing their guests with the ultimate party experience. From birthdays to corporate events, Twenty three layers plans every details to relieve the stress of the event. These event planners in NYC add that little bit of flair and a modern twist to any corporate or private event.

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JustFab for the World

The online fashion retailer, JustFab, has launched it’s own hashtag, #FabForAll, due to them expanding the range of sizes for their various clothing pieces. JustFab has been dedicated to expanding their fashion lines to all women, celebrating each and every body shape and size, and helping women feel comfortable in their own, uniquely beautiful skin.

The company is subscription based, and has branches in many other styles of clothing, including children (FabKids) and exercise (Fabletics). Subscribers pay a little under $40 a month to receive new styles in their size. Now, with #FabForAll, they are adding even more sizes to these subscriptions to better celebrate the women who make up this world and their beautiful glow to it. Adam Goldenberg has said that this new campaign is just a part of “the story we have been telling since we first launched.”

Yuchi Mao, the head of design for JustFab, explains that this push for expanded sizes in clothes is to better help the companies ideal of helping women “feel empowered and beautiful”, which, more than certainly, every single woman more than deserves. The new sizing extends JustFab’s chart from extra small to 3 times extra large, for all of their available items, with each being tailored to complement each body type.

According to LATimes,  JustFab doesn’t only offer tops, bottoms, and dresses. Shoes are also offered, ever since JustFab and Shoe Dazzle have joined forces. One can certainly expect these shoes to be a part of the deal for the #FabForAll campaign.

Just Fab has been dedicated to helping women feel better about their own beauty by offering clothes and styles that complement their body and offer these women a confidence boost. This expansion of sizes is their continuation of this motive, of helping women feel confident with themselves and their bodies, helping them feel as beautiful as they truly are, and empowering them within themselves. You can also visit the site for some idea.

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A Comprehensive Review Of The Achievements Of Mike Baur In Supporting Startups

Mike Baur, the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, is an entrepreneur with a background in Banking and Finance. He derives passion in supporting startups and upcoming entrepreneurs and the same motivation is what pushed him to launch the Swiss Startup Factory. He invests both his time and money to ensure the company runs smoothly and offers useful services that can help upcoming entrepreneurs stand on their own in the competitive market.

Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur runs an incubation program that spans three months after which the entrepreneurs are ushered into the real world of business. Once the three months are over, the startups are issued with financing and post acceleration support for five months to ensure the ideas they learn from the program are incorporated well in the management of their business.

Legal support and education

It is not possible to run a business oblivious of the legal framework that controls the business world. Legal education as affects business is necessary and this is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory explores to help their entrepreneurs understand more about the industry. This role is handled by the Wenger & Vieli, a law firm that offers legal advice and information about the legal world to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The mentoring session lasts 20 minutes and is run by a Wenger & Vieli lawyer. Some of the basics they are taught include who can start a company and the effects of contravening some legal procedures. It also allows the entrepreneurs to understand the legal action they can take whenever something is done contrary to the values of their business.

Goal definition and staffing

Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory helps young entrepreneurs to define their goals and organize staffing. Most young businesses fail because they lack specific goals they are meant to achieve or do not have proper staffing to help them succeed like their competitors. Imparting these skills will help them be more organized and eliminate the challenges that come with a poor arrangement of their business.

About Mike Baur

Mike Baur has always been passionate about Finance and Banking and this motivated him to choose the course in the university. He attended the Bern University for an Executive MBA having graduated from the Rochester University with an MBA. Mike Baur exited banking in 2014 and launched the Swiss Startup Factory, which is offering support to upcoming entrepreneurs.

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How Does Lip Balm Help Musicians?

Lip balm like Evolution of Smooth helps musicians because it gives them a chance to make their lips functional for all the work they do. People who sing have to be careful of dry lips, and people who play instruments need to have healthy lips to make sure that they can play their instruments the right way. Lips that are too dry will start bleeding, and it is too uncomfortable for these people to get the help that they need.
The person who is willing to use the lip balm all the time will be able to keep their lips in a very moist state all the time. It can be a lot of work in a day to get these things done, and it is something that people need to take seriously so that their lips will always feel good. That is why people have to be sure that they have the lip balm on them, and they need to keep a brand that they think will work the best.

The other thing that people need to remember is that they can use the lip balm regardless of what their problems are. There are some really big problems that people will not be able to deal with unless they are going to use a treatment, and the treatment that works the best is the one that will keep lips from being too dry to use.

There are a lot of musicians who need to make sure that they have something that they can trust. Everyone who chooses to trust in lip balms like Evolution of Smooth will never have a problem with their lips again. They can play their instruments, and they can sing at will because their lips will feel better. That is what makes lip healthy and easy to use. For more info, visit their website Also check out the photo gallery of EOS products on Facebook.

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Entertainment Heads A Major Lovaganza Announcement

The Lovaganza festival originally scheduled for 2015 has now been announced as taking place from May to September 2020 in eight locations around the world. Lovaganza hopes to showcase the music, dance, and other cultural highlights of every nation on the planet through various forms of entertainment and educational opportunities to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The Lovaganza foundation on announced the change in date for its planned global festival to allow the latest technology to be included in the festival to make it as entertaining as possible for all involved.

Lovaganza has some ambitious aims for the future, including creating a standard quality of life for all children the foundation hopes will be reached by the year 2035; in order to reach the quality of life discussed within the aims of Lovaganza five main goals have been announced by the organization. These aims include the access for all children to clean water and enough food to live happily, other goals include access to education for all young people in a bid to allow each individual to better themselves. Finally, Lovaganza hopes to help every individual to live in a safe and healthy environment free from the problems of war and conflict. These goals have been given a target of 2035 for children and a further target date of 2050 to be achieved for all adults in the world.

In a bid to achieve these goals Lovaganza will look to raise funds through the release of a series of entertainment productions, including a trilogy of movies developed in a family friendly style that will bring awareness of the traditional world’s fair style approach to the coming festival developed by Lovaganza.

The festival created by Lovaganza will include a wide range of entertainment options, including the use of dance, music and motion pictures that will be used to educate and provide funding for the aims of the group. The road to the festival will begin with a series of movies and interactive exhibits available throughout the world, beginning with a Traveling Show that will tour the world to arise awareness of the festival that will begin its journey in 2017.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

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What Everyone Must Know About IAP Worldwide

Inspired by the need to offer solutions to complex problems, IAP Worldwide has expanded its presence and gone fully international. The company has over the years been experiencing growth, which has been seen in the various acquisitions and mergers it has embraced. The employee base has also expanded from mere hundreds to more than 2000.

IAP Worldwide employs employees from diverse industries to serve its broad clientele. Professionals accepted to the company include engineers, IT experts, analysts and financial managers. IAP Worldwide offers logistics and project management services across different industries and as displayed on its history section, the company has served the U.S. military for decades and is still working to help the troops in their operations.

Solutions for expanding markets
To create a better presence in the market and to serve emerging demands, IAP Worldwide acquired G3 Systems in 2006. G3 Systems is a British engineering firm that operates within the United Kingdom and overseas. The company provides commercial services to the government and international clients.

It deals with a wide range of facilities, which include solutions that entail deployable modular systems, fixed infrastructure and related support. IAP Worldwide has expanded its addressable market through this acquisition.

Another recent development by IAP Worldwide includes the acquisition of DRS Technologies, which offers aviation support and logistics within Oklahoma City, OK. There is also a tactical communications department that comes with the acquisition and IAP Worldwide is confident this will double the addressable market and enhance its service delivery.

This is according to an article posted on PR Newswire, which adds that IAP Worldwide also bought over Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) that operates from Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Employee recognition and incentives
IAP Worldwide is also committed to offering employees the right platform for service delivery. To make the environment conducive for employees, the company offers incentives in the form of spontaneous rewards.

One of the reasons behind the success of IAP Worldwide is the fact it attracts top talent in the industry and to keep them the company offers competitive pay and opportunities for growth and learning.

The benefits program creates unique solutions through a number of health solutions to employees, which include among others health and retirement plans that are catered and managed by the company. Employees are offered the opportunity to choose what they feel is most applicable for their needs.

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Emily McClure Reviews For WEN By Chaz

Is there a way to find out if a product works without having to buy it first? Well, Emily McClure wanted to make this a reality for those who wanted to consider trying the Cleansing Conditioners by WEN. Obviously, her experience is solely just hers, and you will come to find that her review is based off of what she went through and noticed. The best thing she explained about this process is that her hair did change. The entire article can be read on Bustle where she posts pictures of every day of the seven day transformation.

The basic aspect of her review goes through her entire experience with Wen. The first day she had a naturally greasy hair texture that she was so tired of having. After using the Sephora endorsed product, she loved how it had more moisture. She naturally had a very simplistic feeling to the hair after using the conditioner when her shower was over. She loved the chance in texture and overall quality. Obviously, after about four days, her hair transformed in so many ways. Emily McClure is ultimately the greatest example for this specific experiment because she never had bounce or volume until after using this product consistently.

WEN by Chaz is a brand that has countless different hair care products, ranging from shampoos, to treatment products, to top notch conditioners like the new ones that he came out with. This Amazon sold brand is always on the rise to providing customers with new hair care treatments that will help add volume, moisture, and bounce. Chaz is a professional hair stylist that you can definitely rely on to get the hair that you have always wanted. With simple formulas that deliver real results, this is a product that can give you everything you want to improve your hair naturally.

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Adam Goldenberg – CEO and Entrepreneur

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are co-founders and co-CEOs of Just Fab, a very successful fashion, and accessories membership business. Mr. Goldenberg began working as the COO of Intermix Media, where he met his partner-to-be, Don Ressler. They became great friends and decided to combine their talents and start Intelligent Beauty, then Just Fab, which has extended its business into six countries, including the U.S., Germany, Canada, France, U. K., the Netherlands, and Spain, as of now, but they probably do not plan to stop there. Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur since 1997 when he was just 15 years of age. This is when he created Gamer’s Alliance, an advertising network of gaming sites. He sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media (the parent company of Facebook) in 1999.

2006 brought on the sale of Intermix Media to News Corp. for over $650 Million. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006. 2010 brought the creation of the membership based business, Just Fab. After four years, Just Fab has proved to be a winner. It has brought in over $55 Million in funding and has added Shoe Dazzle, a shoe introduction service, and the new membership-based Fabletics, an active-wear company co-founded by Kate Hudson, to its current lines of fashions and accessories. Just Fab is also the parent company of Fab Kids.

Adam Goldenberg believes that transparency within the company is very important to the success of the company. By having all teams, in every department, go over the numbers, everyone sees the areas that need to make improvements and can act accordingly. This will enable everyone to help keep the business growing. He also believes in customer feedback and lets this feedback be a guide in merchandising and product decisions.

Adam Goldenberg is a venture partner at Crosscut Ventures, which is a venture fund that helps give funding for the growth of tech communities in the south of California.

Mr. Goldenberg believes that what you are selling should be in front of how you are selling it. If the customers don’t like your products, or your prices are not competitive, they won’t come back. Since Mr. Goldenberg and his teams do their own designs and manufacture them in-house, he wants his teams to be very passionate about their creations, their presentations, or anything else they deal with in their departments. Passion is what makes a product sell. Source:

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