The Life of a Gifted Surgeon

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There are times when beauty and medicine go hand in hand. Plastic surgeons everywhere have used their expertise to bring innovation to the industry. One individual in particular stands out among the rest. Dr. Jennifer Walden was voted one of the top 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Her education and career have made her one of the most sought out doctors in the country.
In a recent article from Austin Magazine, Dr. Walden is put under a microscope as the author dives into both her business and her personal life. The article outlines where Dr. Walden began and how she got to be the amazing doctor that she is today. She got her start in her home state of Texas when she attended the University of Texas to get her bachelor’s degree. After a good amount of schooling, just as any good doctor needs, she made her way to New York City to complete her residency. During her eight year stay in Manhattan she both finished her education, and formed her own practice along with her mentor. After several years spent building a name for herself as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden moved back home to Austin, Texas. The decision to move home was not an easy one, but with big changes on the horizon, the change of scenery was the right thing to do.
The family life of Dr. Walden is just as impressive as her professional life. Initially she was undecided about children. Eventually she decided that they actually should be in her future. Through in-vitro fertilization she was able to bring two boys into the world. With her new family growing rapidly, Dr. Walden thought it would be best to bring her business back to Texas. With the support of her friends and family, she now has her beautiful children and a massively successful practice.
With Dr. Walden, this could not be further from the truth. In the three years since she re-established her practice in Austin, she has seen nothing but success. Dr. Jennifer Walden has an impressive past and bright future.

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An Important Minimum Wage Increase Helps Venezuelan Families

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A Linked In article revealed the perseverance of the Venezuelan working class has incited positive change in the country’s government. Amidst several economic periods of increasing inflation, on May 1st, 2016, the people of Venezuela convinced their government to increase the national minimum wage.
This increase amounts to a 30 percent boost in minimum pay by employers in an economic climate that has been racked with recent stifling inflation rates. This increase gives working-class families in Venezuela the power to buy more, which will theoretically boost the country’s businesses and international trade position.

This new minimum wage increase will bring the average Venezuelan worker’s wage to about 9,649 bolivars per month. It completes a 52 percent increase over last year’s wages, but gives families the ability to combat hyperinflation that has caused an 80 percent loss in the value of the country’s currency.

Expert Jose Manuel thinks that no matter the outcome of the current economic conditions in Venezuela, minimum wage increases are an indicator that the country’s ruling powers are dedicated to the quality of life of every citizen. As international support contributes to the future of Venezuela’s economy, social concessions like minimum wage increases help every Venezuelan in the short term.

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Review of Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s Bistro

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In Escondido, many businesses start with the first name such as Mart’s Small Appliance, Cathy’s Canine and Lupita’s Mexican. In this city, the grandfatherly police views young people having jewelry with suspicion. It is imperative to note that Escondido attracts agricultural elites from San Diego.

A combination of different factors makes Escondido a safe haven for the best cooks in the county. However, Patrick Ponsaty is a highly revered chef. He is renowned as Master Chef of France, a rare designation in San Diego. The other prestigious award is the Marine Room’s Bernard Guillas.

Patrick made a name for himself while working at the Rancho Bernardo Inn by helping Gavin Kaysen become a successful chef. Patrick worked at the Loews before joining Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s Bistro.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar plans to expand the restaurant through utilizing the 144-acre property to build a four-star event space complete with a signature restaurant. For all this to happen, a marquee chef will be required. Bellamy’s is providing the residents of San Diego with some of the best foods in the region as prepared by a top-notch staff.

Bellamy’s has an exquisite signage that includes smooth-jazz paintings, plush seats and Coppertone-brown walls. The Master Chef of France serves delicious meals such as the corn soup, which is prepared using cream and espelette peppers. The soup is served with lime juice, cilantro, olive oil and ginger.

At the restaurant, consumers are served parsley-cream risotto with crunchy poached salmon and summer truffle. The mille-feuille prepared by Ponsaty and Reidy is carefully topped with apple slices, smoked eel as well as liver confit and a little bit of pork fat.

The mushroom ravioli is well prepared and topped with wine sauce. This information was originally reported on San Diego Magazine as seen in this link

About Brian Bonar

PR News Wire reveals that Brian Bonar is a successful financial expert. Owing to his extensive business leadership, Brian has worked for different leading corporations. Bonar has a Technical Engineering degree in addition to a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Because of his technical background, Brian is able to build effective business structures that will deliver results.

Previously, Brian has worked for IBM and QMS. At IBM, Brian served as a procurement officer while at QMS, he was in charge of 100 employees. At Adaptec, Bonar was the sales manager. Given his experience from these companies, Brian was able to start his company, Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar also served as a top manager of Dalrada Financial Corporation. His ability to combine his technical skills and creative mind has enabled him to register impressive success in all his undertakings. He is well versed on issues of mergers and acquisitions. In the year 2000, Brian was recognized through the Who’s Who in America. Brian is a leader of the Trucept Corporation.

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Assembly Pushess Referendum on Maduro

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As the economic crisis worsens in Venezuela, opposition parties are trying to push for a referendum to end the presidency of Nicolas Maduro early. He was elected to a six-year term as president in 2013. According to a story in Reuters, Venezuelans may have a referendum on a president at the halfway point of the term, and decide in a general election whether to oust him or her from office early.
The election council in Venezuela is said by David Osio that it is in charge of determining when referendums may be held, and not the legislature. The Legislative branch, dominated by the opposition party, is pushing for the referendum and wants to run it. The opposition won the majority in the legislature last year.

The Nation’s supreme court could also strike down the referendum. in the past it has sided with Maduro. The president’s party has called the move for a referendum a “parliamentary coup.” The assembly which David is a part of, is also discussing shortening the term of the president from six years to four, in another attempt to end his term early.

In February a poll by Datanalisis said 66 percent of people in Venezuela favor ending Maduro’s presidency early.

The country is having severe inflation, mass shortages of basic items, and the socialist government seems on the verge of imploding.

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Andy Wirth, the CEO who Pursues Passion in the Face of Tragedy

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Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, has passion for skydiving. He and his friends did it every chance they got and often dove several times daily. Time were smooth sailing for Andy as he continued pursuing his passion of diving. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on in a diving incident that almost left him without his arm. The first dive area they were going to was shut down because of high winds. Instead of quitting, they decided to move onto another area to perform a few dives. The first mistake was that their pilot flew too far from the dive area. The second mistake was the high winds that were still a risk. When Andy Wirth dropped from the plane, the winds blew him too far from the landing area.

To be free from power lines on, Wirth chose to try to land in the vineyard. The situation looked like it would turn out fine, but a sudden gust of wind blew Andy off track and his arm hit a pole, basically tearing it off. Andy Wirth on wsj knew that he could face death, but his quick thinking from his experience as a back county ranger saved his life. He was flown to the hospital and after months in the hospital and several surgeries, Andy now has 70% use of his hand and hopes to have a surgery to give him a bicep from his leg.

After his recovery, Andy Wirth became friends with a Navy Seal. Now he pursues a different passion of competing in IronMan races. Through this man’s influence on his life, Wirth has had the inspiration to raise money for wounded Navy Seals on

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Famine to Fortuity

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March 31, 2007 marks the day a young girl and her mother began a journey very few people have the courage let their thoughts wander toward. Yeonmi Park defected from North Korea at the pivotal age of thirteen and her story proves that it takes a special kind of person to not only start writing such a harrowing tale, but to survive it and speak up about it afterward.

Arriving in China with only vague ideas of where her life was headed now, she thought she’d escaped the worst of what humanity had to offer. There was only partial truth in that because the next few years proved to be challenging in new ways, for the very man that helped them escape North Korea was the man that enslaved them.

It seemed that living a life in the underground left her as an easy target for abuse in addition to the starvation she faced. Yeonmi and her mother had both been trafficked, the girl herself sold for $260 to a man that kept her as a sex slave. The two were retained in the grime of the shadows until Yeonmi’s father, who had once been sentenced to seventeen years in a labor camp for smuggling metal in order to feed his starving family, crossed the Chinese border to join them. Unfortunately, he died of untreated colon cancer mere months later and didn’t get to see the end of their trek across the unforgiving Gobi Desert.

It was around this point that Yeonmi Park admitted to the Daily Mail UK, she began carrying a knife and resigned herself to suicide if either of them were ever to get caught in the clutches of more unsavory people, or, maybe even worse yet, if they faced the threat of repatriation.

Despite the small pool of nay-sayers, this Amazon best selling author holds steadfast to the truth of her own tale and is among the most prominent voices of the North Korean defectors speaking against the cruel regime today.


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Hairdresser Puts Wen to the Test

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Chaz Dean, who is probably the most successful Hollywood hairdresser created a product that is supposed to replace shampooing. He claims that the product will put life back into hair follicles. He created WEN Hair in 1993. Typical shampoos supposedly strip the hair of their sheen; Wen is a shampoo and conditioner replacement system that is supposed to be better for the hair. It has no surfactants, sulfates, or detergents that dry out the hair. Dean tested his new product for five years before making an infomercial about it.

Wen hair products can be purchased from its infomercial or online trough It has a sweet, almond, mint scent. The 16 oz cleansing conditioner comes in your choice of lavender, cucumber aloe, white citrus, and pomegranate. Everything in the Wen line is made from natural ingredients such as French lavender oil.

Hairdresser Emily McClure had seen Chaz Dean’s infomercials for WEN hair and decided to try the product out for herself. Bustle originally reported this article. She chose to try the Sephora Fig version because it claimed to add moisture, bounce, and shine to her dull hair. McClure described her hair as greasy, frizzy, and unruly. This was the perfect day to try Wen hair. She washed her hair every day for a week to see how this hair product worked. Almost immediately on the first day, McClure could swear her hair was getting thicker. She notes Wen recommends using at least 10 pumps for short hair, at least 16 pumps for medium hair, and at least 24 pumps for long hair as opposed to about the size of a quarter of regular shampoo.


Pete And Will Best Join Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Raising High Expectations.

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The year 2016 started with high expectations for Autism Rocks as new trustee board members Pete and Will Best joined in. Pete and Will Best created a wave of high expectations for Autism Rocks and the entire philanthropic world. Currently all eyes are set to Pete and Will Best to see what value they will bring to Autism Rocks. On top of this, the philanthropic world has also set its eyes on Autism Rocks to see what it will be able to accomplish under the talented hands of Pete and Will Best. Sanjay Shah shared his optimism that this year, his Autism Rocks charity would be able to achieve more than just success in its charity work.

One of the two Best brothers, Will is a highly experienced event organizer and music show host. Will Best career in music started in Manchester when he was still in university. During this period, he was the leading underworld event organizer in the city. His career graduated to T.V. where he got a chance to host a variety of music shows and music talk shows. His reputation and good workmanship gave him a chance to work for several international T.V channels. Pete Best has been in the business arena where he has greatly progressed to being an M.D at Icap. At Autism Rocks, Pete Best will get another chance to develop his business management career while Will Best will work on the event organization wing.

Sanjay Shah, the founder, and owner of Autism Rocks is a successful British-born business person and entrepreneur. Sanjay Shah owns Solo Capital a boutique financial services provider for the business industry. This firm offers several of business financial services for its clients globally; proprietary trading, sports investment management, and consultancy services are at the top of this firm’s services list.
Sanjay Shah became an entrepreneur in 2009, and this is the time he started forming his companies all over the world. Sanjay Shah started his practice in dedicated philanthropy in 2014 after he founded Autism Rocks. Follow Sanjay on Twitter to keep up with his news and other events involving Autism research.

Coriant Looks To Find Success With New Development Areas

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The Coriant company was established in 2013 after Marlin Equity Partners bought the optical networking department of Nokia Siemens and merged it with a number of other established companies within the industry. Coriant has been a major supporter of the development of new technologies that have recently been developed to create a new era in the optical networking industry, which is concerned with the steady and speedy passage of data, voice, and text for major communications providers.

Coriant has recently looked to begin a new era of development of new technologies that are being overseen by the experienced technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir; the employment of Kheradpir came after he was brought on board by Marlin to complete a review of Coriant to identify areas where profits could be increased. Shaygan Kheradpir was named as the successor to Pat DiPietro who has returned to his former position with Marlin Equity Partners, which DiPietro had always planned to do after leading Coriant from its inception. Kheradpir will bring a range of skills to his role as the CEO of Coriant, including the ability to make sure research and development are completed in a timely fashion.

The skills of Shaygan Kheradpir are based upon his electrical engineering qualifications and more than three decades of business experience. During his initial employment as an executive with GTE Labs and Verizon Shaygan Kheradpir has become well known in the communications industry for developing new ways of developing technology; among the developments credited to Kheradpir are the division of employees into small teams with 30 day deadlines for working on a new area of technology.

These advances include the creation of a lightning resistant cable that reduces the problems caused with slow data transfer when storms strike a region; further advances seen recently from Coriant include the revealing of a new Cloud storage and data transmission program that will benefit the on demand programming services of the world. Shaygan Kheradpir has undertaken a series of exhibits to show off the latest technology offered by Coriant that will lead them to greater levels of success in the future.

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Igor Cornelsen Gives Excellent Advice

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Igor Cornelsen is a very intelligent investor that knows his way around in Brazil. He has managed to provide some great advice, and many people look to him for guidance. I have read different investment magazines and books, but I have become intrigued – much more so – with what Cornelsen has been able to teach me on his wordpress sebsite. He doesn’t believe in being long and preachy. He has a couple of tips and he gets right to the point.

I love with Igor Cornelsen has been able to do for people that are new to the stock market. He has given the investors hope even if they have never invested before. I was far from being an expert in the investment arena, but I felt a greater level of confidence in my work with my investing these days. The tips that are given by Cornelsen has helped me become the investor that I always wanted to become.

Now that I am older it has really become very important for me to make some decisions about my portfolio that will help me get the best returns on investment. Igor has informed me that the best way to start is by making sure that my portfolio is designed to withstand a couple of falls. I have to make investments that are spread out among a lot of different stocks. That is one thing that Igor emphasizes again and again. He wants people to have a portfolio that can grow in a lot of different ways. Some stocks may be up; others may be down. If you have a portfolio that is diverse it will not matter. There will always be something that can help you ride out the storm.

PR Newswire reports Cornelsen has managed to become quite successful over the years as the type of investor that has a lot of emphasis on stocks outside of the United States. I felt comfortable with what he was saying because he has already shown his authority in this area. He really knows what he is talking about, and I can totally see where he is coming from when I look at the investments up close. I know that there are times when Brazilian stocks are providing a better rate of return. There are also some times when the American stocks are providing the best return rate. This is rare, but it does happen.

I think that his advice could be passed down from one generation to the next. It is timeless because he has the fundamental principals that are sound and encouraging.

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