Marc Beer: Everything You Need To Know

Marc Beer is a Co-founder, chairman, and CEO at Renovia Inc. He founded the company in August 2016 alongside three other experts namely Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda, and MD.


The background information of Marc Beer


Marc Beer was born on 10/17/1964. Currently, he lives in Boston. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Miami University, where he graduated with Bachelors of Science. Marc Beer has spent more than 25 years of his life in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals development. He acted as a leader in various capacities such as former CEO of ViaCell, a biopharmaceutical company, worked in Genzyme and was in the recent past a Vice President of Global Marketing where he launched many products that addressed rare diseases affecting people.


Funding series of Renovia Company


Renovia is a company which engages in biotechnological discoveries and advancements. It majorly comes up with digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices and products which help women with disorders of the pelvic floor. This has been a challenging issue in women healthcare; it is estimated that more than 250 million women across the world are affected by the disorder.


Not long after its establishment than the Renovia Company received the first bunch of funds, which were referred to as series A funds. A section of the share was utilized to lay down the foundation of the product development. The largest share of the funds was used to get the relevant technology from a different entity. Learn more:


After barely two years of operation, the Renovia Company received funds which would make it easy for it to expand its operations in Medical technology. It raised $42 million on 21st August 2018 in series B funding for tackling pelvic floor disorders. Various investors took part in the series B funding; these include the Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors from New York. This was a positive gesture that various investors are interested in expanding this technology for the betterment of women health.


The company’s executive stated that the $42 million raised would help in testing and aiding in the invention of the addition of four therapeutic and also diagnostic devices and products. Marc Beer worked tirelessly to ensure that the Renovia Company scales higher and higher. In his efforts to make the company great, he incorporated effective and efficient employees and partners who were well experienced and devoted to enhancing women’s healthcare.


Renovia’s CEO Marc Beer expressed excitement of the discovery development that would enable the medical technology company to advance the current products and come up with new ones. Renovia Company has wholly transformed the means in which disorders of the pelvic floor are diagnosed and treated. The numerous accomplishments of the company are attributed to the leadership attributes of Mar Beer, his education background and expertise.