Malcolm CasSelle’s biography and company.

Malcolm Caselle’s biography and company.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and the CIO in OPSskins, the number one platform for selling and buying items from the online video game. The inventors and creators of OPSskins are launching a brand new blockchain platform that is designed to serve asset traders called WAX (worldwide asset exchange). WAX solves two significant problems; fragmentation and fraud by use of a simple blockchain enabled widget. The WAX token is the leading pioneer in the implementation of blockchain to eSports. This is accomplished by simply creating a smooth market that allows all the traders to sell their assets in a setting that is free from fraudulent dealings. It will also solve the fragmenting geographic issue.

The WAX tokens is a common currency adopted by most gamers which g eliminates FOREX challenges. The platform will allow global buyers and sellers to access the global supply of virtual goods in a decentralized market while reducing the financial risks and that users come across. He is very confident with the platform. It is designed to serve over 400 million online players.

Malcolm was the previous president for CTO at tronc. He was previously SVP and GM of digital media at Sea Change international. Already he has led startups in the digital industry including media pass. He has been an active stage investor in companies like Zynga, Facebook and funds in big data and blockchain verticals. Prior in his career, he was a co-founder at PCCW, during which he was a significant aid in raising billions of funds for PCCW’s public offering and another hundred of millions for other private transactions. He has degrees of computer science from MIT and Stanford University.

He has been president and CTO since 2016 to date. He is responsible for the digital P&L and investment strategy. He was a mentor at the plug and play bitcoin. He was also an advisor at Sensay, Direct Tech Labs, Vote cast, Bringhub, PrettyQuick and at WeRecover. He was a board member at timeline Labs since 2013-2015. He managed eastern China for Groupon’s JV with Tencent and rose from 0 to several thousand headcounts in less than one year and valued at $500m at the IPO. He is a leading bitcoin merchant in the planet.

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