LaunchPad CEO Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a longtime executive and entrepreneur who founded the company known as LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Before he started up this company, he spent a number of years in other business ventures such as investing and management. Throughout his career, Glen has provided mentorship to executives and entrepreneurs in an effort to help them reach their full potential. He uses his expertise to attain the goals he sets for himself as well as helping others reach theirs. During his career, Wakeman has proven to improve the quality and success of many companies. At one company, he helped them establish steady revenues of $15 billion. As a businessperson, Glen is one of the most versatile as he has participated in numerous activities such as building up startup businesses, emerging new markets and also mergers and acquisitions.

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Prior to beginning his career, Glen first completed his education. When he was looking to pursue education, Glen attended the University of Chicago where he would take a number of courses in business. This helped him develop the knowledge necessary to be familiar with a number of business concepts. After he finished college, he would start his career. While he held some entry-level positions at first, he would eventually work his way up to management positions at companies such as GE Capital. Another company that he worked at was Dorsal Financial Group where he would work as its CEO for a few years. These experiences helped Glen develop the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Wakeman moved on to entrepreneurship and is currently running his own company called LaunchPad Holdings. This company helps entrepreneurs by providing them with online business plan services. The company gives entrepreneurs information on how to start their businesses, how to run them and also what they need in order to expand. The company has proven to help many new businesses get the knowledge necessary to reach high levels of success ( Along with educating business owners, Glen gives them advice on how to mentor executives and raise capital whenever necessary. By using his traits such as innovation, passion and growth, Wakeman has been able to become a leading mentor when it comes to executive development.


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