Krishen Iyer: Never Stop Improving

For a man who has already accomplished so much in the business world, you’d like Krishen Iyer would be ready for a well-deserved sabbatical, but not a chance! Within the ever-changing healthcare marketplace, Krishen Iyer has found his niche as the founder of a upstart company based in Carlsbad that specializes in lead generation for the health and dental industries. While his past includes providing solid leads to insurance call centers and connecting customers with service providers, Krishen Iyer quickly moved from small businessman to entrepreneur.


From Fresno to Carlsbad, one thing hasn’t changed: Krishen Iyer is a marketing genius. While his niche is lead generation for the insurance industry, he also counts himself among one of the more successful marketing firms in the industry. When it comes to dental and health insurance, it might seem marketing is a no-brainer, but with consumers having more choice now at their fingertips, a solid strategy is paramount to sales success even for the long-established companies.


Iyer recently launched a new platform for Managed Benefits Services. In interviews, he enthusiastically shares his vision for this new branch of services. During one he stated he was very much looking forward to seeing how well his new platform performs as his team put a great deal of time and effort into the process of its development. Like the proud parent of a new child, Iyer describes Managed Benefit Services as a platform with an incredibly bright future and one that is transforming how results are being delivered to clients. It is truly an exciting time for Iyer, his team and the company as a whole.


But it’s not all work and no play for Krishen. While in school he loved soccer and still loves chess, astronomy, finance and tennis. He is the proud and loving father of two and isn’t shy about sharing his love of God or his wife.

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