Jacob Gottlieb has a New Venture

Jacob Gottlieb is known to many as the founder of the hedge fund Visium Asset Management LP. He liquidated that fund in 2016 and has not been involved with client since then.

It has been said that Gottlieb is returning to the hedge fund management industry, launching a company known as Altium Capital. He is planning to share office space with Stuart Weisbrod. They worked together nearly twenty years ago.

The previous association of Gottlieb and Weisbrod was in a healthcare investment firm: Merlin BioMed Group. Weisbrod was one of the co-founders of that firm. Jacob Gottlieb, as portfolio manager in 1999 and 2000 produced returns of over one hundred percent along with his team. Merlin has been closed since 2007. Gottlieb moved on from there to manage other funds including Visium.

The investment industry is watching this reunion of two successful leaders. It is anticipated that there will be some new healthcare investment opportunities.

As Mr. Gottlieb has launched his new venture, Altium Capital, he has been focused on a number of health care offerings. His first investment was with Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

One reason Oramed is of such great interest to the medical community is that the process the company is working on to develop is an oral insulin capsule. This delivery method is still undergoing US trials, but it is already accepted in some other countries, such as China. In the past insulin has not remained useful when taken by mouth.

It is no wonder that Jacob Gottlieb was willing to invest in this small pharmaceutical company with his new venture. When Oramed is successful it will completely change the injectible medicine industry. With fewer injections people are less likely to suffer infection as a result of their treatment. Oral medication will be easier to use and treatment will cost less once this is available to US patients.

Jacob Gottlieb’s educational background includes a BA in Economics from Brown University as well as a medical doctorate degree from NYU Medical School. It is no wonder that he seems to find great companies to support in the medical field.


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