Interesting Facts And Achievements Of Matthew Fleeger

Who is Matthew Fleeger? Matthew is the current President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, a leading multinational oil company that specializes in exploration and acquisition of oil and gas, particularly in the Gulf Coast region, US. He is also the brains behind MedSolutions. Founded in 1992, MedSolutions is a waste management company that specialized in the collection, disposal, and treatment of waste produced by facilities in the healthcare sector.

Fleeger’s Education and Career

In 1992, Matthew Fleeger went to Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Finance and Marketing in 1986. After graduating, he went to work for his father’s company, Gulf Coast region. Here, he focused on finance and marketing and helped the company come up with unique cerebral marketing strategies that helped it penetrate more areas and increase sales. The experience and networks he gained while working in the oil and gas industry would prove useful in the upcoming years when he launched his first company, MedSolutions, Inc.

Achievements as the CEO of MedSolutions

Matthew Fleeger’s exceptional leadership skills and unique marketing strategies helped MedSolutions, Inc. transform from an unknown start-up to a regional leader in waste management. In 2007, Fleeger sold MedSolutions to Stericycle, Inc. The deal made him an instant multi-millionaire. After the sale, Fleeger went back to work at Gulf Coast region, where he was appointed the President and CEO, a position he holds to present. His vast experience in mergers, acquisitions, sales, corporate structuring, and marketing made him the perfect candidate for the top spot.

What has he achieved as CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC? This is a common question that anyone curious about his achievements would ask. Well, under his leadership, Gulf Coast Western has continued to conquer more markets and cement its market position.

Other Interests

The visionary leader also has interest in the tanning industry and has helped found two tanning businesses that generate more than $100 million per year. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the largest spray-on tanning booth company in the world, Palm Beach Tan

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