Hyland’s New Relief For Babies

Hyland’s has a history of producing homeopathic medications for people of all ages. It all started in 1903 in Los Angeles, California when eight physicians started up Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy. In 1910, the pharmacy was bought by George H. Hyland, who expanded it greatly and it became known as Standard Homeopathic Company. The original compounds of the pharmacy had expanded. Therefore, a name change was necessary. The medication that was used to aid teething was discovered and then mentioned in product catalogs of the company in 1925.


The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed in 1938. This act declared that Homeopathic was listed as drugs with HPUS. In 1940, Cecil Craig created the very first tablet that would dissolve since most children are not able to swallow regular pills. This became known as Hyland’s Pink Aspirin that young kids will be able to take. In 1987, Jay Borneman, the new marketing director got in the chain drugstore by using the tablets that was specifically for teething. And in 1998, 1-800 Homeopathy was put together so that the customers of Hyland’s can order their medications online and on direct mail. It started out with 2,500 and now 150,000 customers are using this system to get the medicines that they need.


Hyland’s has released a new medicine tablet for babies if their gums get sore or just hurts. It is Baby Oral Pain Relief. It’s for kids that are six months to three years old. These Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets that have been developed by Hyland’s are soft and will dissolve in babies’ mouths real fast. People have reviewed this product and the customers are happy with Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets. The values of this company are developing the best medicines for all customers.

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