How We Use Securus Technologies to Solve Cold Cases

My job as a fugitive hunter is stressful to say the least. If I know that a suspect is in our town and committing crimes, each day he is allowed to roam the streets just puts too many people in harm’s way. If I can not close the case, I feel I have failed myself and my community. This month we were given a case that really commanded my full attention.


A suspect in a cold case was being released from jail this month, and he already had a long history of violence. The problem was that all the witnesses in his case would either disappear or have a change of heart. We suspected he was sending people to threaten the families of the witnesses, but we could never put the evidence together to prove the charges.


When I was informed Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate call monitoring system in the local jail, I thought it could be the ears we needed to gather evidence in this case before a suspect was freed. Securus Technologies is so effective at helping officers to make their jails safer, it is already installed in over 2,600 jails around the country. That and the fact the company objective is to make the world safer just solidified my thinking this was the only way to catch our suspect.


We let it known we discovered a new witness who was going to shed light on the fact this suspect was behind the crimes he was charged. Once the inmates got word, it wasn’t long before our suspect took to the phones. The LBS software detected him telling an associate to give our fake witness a visit. Not only did we arrest the thug, that call provided us evidence to keep the suspect in jail long enough to have his properly prosecuted.


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