Fabletics: An Online Revolution in Ordering Athletic Wear

One of the things I’ve recently fallen in love with is the membership-based model of purchasing goods and services. I love knowing that a box of delicious, locally grown food is coming to my house each week. Similarly, I love not having to scour the racks of clothing stores looking for athletic wear that fits my style and needs. I am a frequent runner and also participate in class activities like Yoga and spinning, so finding clothes than can easily transition has always be a headache. Not to mention that I don’t particularly like going to stores to shop. The dressing room lighting is always harsh and I am always frantically checking my work email while I wait in extended lines only to receive sub-par customer service.


This is one of the reasons that I am among the millions of people that have become loyal to Fabletics. Owned and founded by actress and fitness junkie Kate Hudson, Fabletics delivers an adorable outfit to my door once a month (or more if I choose) that fits my unique needs and style.


If you haven’t checked out Fabletics yet, you can visit their website and take a very short quiz that uses an algorithm to determine your unique tastes: what is your style, what athletic activities do you enjoy, sizes, etc. From this profile, the company determines exactly what clothing will be best for your active life.


Possibly the best thing about the clothing line is that it is actually trendy – the pieces transition from gym to…wherever you may be going. My orders are typically bright and fun, as that is my personal style generated from the lifestyle quiz. However, friends of mine with a more muted style receive outfits that fit their personal style.


A recent CNBC article took a deep look into what Fabletics was doing so right that has allowed the company to generate $250 million in sales in just five years. One of the reasons that left the biggest impression was Kate Hudson’s unique style as the founder. She is truly hands on with her company and cites that as her second recommendation for achieving success. She also recommends to not be afraid to take risks and to motivate yourself to be constantly inspired by your passions.


Fabletics’ unique positioning as a brand that adopts reverse showrooming, or inviting people to a digital site rather than an actual store is resonating with people of all ages and has helped fueled the company’s success. The reverse showroom has also allowed the company to go head-to-head with online retailers like Amazon…and succeed greatly.

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