End Citizens United Against Foreign Money In Politics

The reports that a Russian company bought political ads on Facebook in an attempt to influence the United States presidential election in 2016 is common to many Americans. After the elections, numerous committees were established to investigate and give their findings on the connection between Kremlin and Donald Trump’s campaign. Since then, Robert Mueller, a Special Counsel has been regularly providing evidence to the claims.

The American electoral laws prohibit foreign bodies from contributing to and interfering with the political campaigns. However, implementing the law is difficult. This is because the implementers of the campaign laws on finance are relaxed and not performing their duties as required. Some activists and lawyers also moved to court to oppose laws that bar foreign entities from interfering with the United States campaigns. As a result, a small group of individuals including non-Americans now have a say in the country’s political process. Muller brought to light $100,000 that was used in the digital ad campaign. It is certain that there were other foreign players who interfered with the electoral process apart from Russia.

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The loophole in the government that has resulted in these interferences are as a result of the laxity present in all the three arms of the government. The Supreme Court decision in 2010 on the Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission case provided room for foreign donations which it referred to as “speech”. The ruling allowed corporations, advocacy groups, and labor unions to donate huge sums of money without limit to the campaigns. Money in most occasions corrupts politics since donors spend a lot of money in the elections expecting a favor in return. Without a limit on the amount of money to be donated, bribing politicians becomes easy.

In an effort to restore the condition, the Democrats have set measures to limit political spending. They have established the DISCLOSE Act and the Get Foreign Money out of U.S Elections Act to control the spending. They are also asking the Supreme Court to revert their 2010 ruling. The politicians are being supported by the End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is an organization working towards reducing the influence of foreign money in the United States elections. The non-profit organization was founded in 2010 after Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations to donate unlimited funds to candidates of their choice in the campaigns. Political action committee has grassroots supporters. End Citizens United aims at restoring the American democracy by uncovering not only dark money but also corruption practices that interfere with the American election process.

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