Dr. Mark Holterman, Demonstrates Generative Medicine as a Sustainable Cure for Diabetes

Dr. Mark Holterman, MD has been a practicing Pediatric Surgeon for many years. Throughout his career, he has focused on researching about generative medicine. Her is the CEO of Mariam Global Health, whose daily work schedule commands a split of time to medical research, lecturing at the Illinois State University and offering pediatric care to his patients at the OSF St. Francis Medical Facility.


Dr. Holterman’s contribution to the field of research and medicine has earned several career awards. Significantly, he received the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association, which is an organization dedicated to funding research into viable medical solutions for the prevention and cure of Diabetes. Besides the award as mentioned above, ADA also offers another award: The Innovative Clinical/ Translational Science Award (ICTS).


IBS award is open to any faculty member who devices new, innovative solutions and hypothesis related to pathophysiology and etiological manifestation of Diabetes and demonstrate note-worthy steps towards treating and preventing Diabetes. Applicants who meet the set prerequisites are authorized to work in the United States, whereas recipients of the IBS award get up $115,000 annually for a maximum of 36 months.


About Dr. Mark Holterman


Dr. Holterman, MD, PhD. is a primarily based in Peoria, IL, despite owning another pediatric health facility in Maywood, IL. He has over than 29 years of experience in his medical profession. He is a Pediatric Surgeon and affiliated to the Advocates Christ Children’s Hospital, together with the Children’s Hospital in Illinois, at the St. Francis Medical Center. He keeps membership with the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics.


His research interest in generative medicine and stem therapy has led to his recognition among his peers through various awards. Besides, he also researches about possible tests and treatments for novel tumors and obesity.


Dr. Mark Holterman attended the Yale University, where studied Biology and graduated before he went to his Ph.D. and MD levels at the University of Virginia (ReleaseFact). He then enrolled as a Resident in General Surgery at the University of Virginia from 1988 to 1993. Later, he completed his fellowship program in Pediatric Surgery at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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