Discover A Calling Network That Saves Inmates And Their Families Money

Are you tired of dropped calls and feeling like you’re being duped by an inmate communication provider? Securus Technologies leads the forefront as one of the largest inmate communication networks in the industry. Their state mandated regulations include monitoring, surveillance, and advanced technology solutions. Securus was responsible for catching irregularities with Global Tel-Link during a fourth quarter audit. PRN News has reported free inmate calls are be offered as a one time courtesy to Louisiana residents, by Global Tel-Link customers. Since the audit, Global Tel-Link has made an effort to correct their inaccuracies and improve their telephone network.


Securus has expanded their services to include inmate calling features. They now offer their customers high definition video chat features through a merger with global video giant, Vimeo. This new and exciting video feature will give you the option of talking to your loved ones over the internet. Their holiday visitation over the internet is becoming increasingly popular. You’ll have complete control over the video and the sound with a click of a few buttons. You can save the time staking effort of commuting to a correctional facility, by visiting your loved ones face-to-face, during a video chat.


Securus Technology Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates can receive voicemail messages from their loved ones through a personalized access account. Inmates never have to miss another important message from home. You can relay information faster than written correspondence. This feature is available through an inmate’s commissary.


Telephone Debit


Are you over 18 with a valid debit or credit card? You can order many inmates features in advance including, calling creates, send photos, and put money in their account. Say goodbye to that third party authorized agent.


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