Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics & The Never-ending Fight Against Cancer

The fight against cancer seems to be never-ending to some degree. This particular disease has been a thorn in the medical industry’s side for years and years. Its damaging effects have caused people to lose their limbs, lose their livelihood and lose their lives. Fortunately, today is a new day and some of the best cancer-fighting medications are being used on a consistent basis. These medications fall under the umbrella of antibody-based therapies. Also referenced to as targeted-cancer therapies, these medications deliver much more impressive results than their predecessors. When it comes to producing some of the best therapies, Seattle Genetics sits atop the apex in prominence.

Seattle Genetics is a Washington-based company that falls under the oncology term. It researches, it develops, and it commercializes antibody-drug conjugates. CEO Clay Siegall is the leader here, and he is also the company’s president and founder. Siegall has been in the industry for a long time that spans back three decades. “Having enough ambition to work intensely is how you succeed,” says Siegall. Seattle Genetics displays this notion to the highest degree. In present time, the company has a robust pipeline that’s full of advanced medications. This pipeline has up to 20 new drugs as well as a plethora of strategic partnerships. These partnerships will be used to distribute the goods to those who need it. This is the new wave of targeted-cancer therapies. “Chemotherapies and other systemic treatments are headed for the dust bin,” says Siegall.

Restoring good health to those who truly need it is the goal. Siegall’s late-father suffered from this disease for years. Past treatments like Chemotherapy are extremely taxing on a human’s system. Anemia, radical surgery and amputation are simply not acceptable in today’s medical community and this is why targeted-cancer therapies were invented.

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