Robert Ivy Is Honored For His Works In Architecture

When you begin training for a job, should you be trained for the start of the job and then after or should you just be trained once? If you know how to do your job well, additional training may not be required however if you want to continue doing well and learning from your job, you will want to continue your job training.

One of the reasons why you will want to continue training is to allow yourself to make outside connections. When you begin training for another position or find yourself taking on a leadership position, it will help to make you a better employee over time.

One person who knows all too well about helping to make a company prosper is Robert Ivy. In more recent times, the architect has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work within the architecture background.

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It is because Robert Ivy is well versed in how to make a company run and what it means to give back to your community that they are able to award him with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award has not been given previously to someone of this stature. It is the first time that someone of this field has won the prestigious work for their involvement in creating and performing within the arts field. There are only a small amount of people from Mississippi to be honored with this background. Others to join Robert Ivy include Morgan Freeman, Shelby Foote and even Walter Anderson.

When people heard about Robert Ivy winning the award, they are not surprised given his history of making sure that the buildings he designs are made more accessible to the public and others. Robert is also an accredited author of a top selling book that talks about the famous Frank Lloyd Wright and about the love that others shared for his architecture. Robert Ivy is also the CEO of AIA.

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Get Inspired by the Success of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a businessman who has accomplished a lot of things in life. He began from a humble background, but today he is successful in many areas of life. Even when Logan was young, he has always been interested in baseball, and he has always been looking for ways of winning different things in life. As a young man, he loved various activities and carried many projects. Stout desired to be successful, and that led him to join a baseball team as a professional baseball player. He became successful and participated in seventeen World Series games. Apart from playing baseball, he is an entrepreneur who has also been praised for his determination to succeed.

Contribution in Baseball

He also does other things such as public speaking, training others to be leaders in the future and engaging in philanthropic activities in community. Logan spent most of his childhood life playing baseball because he loved the sport. It is because of such experience that he became a baseball coach because it is something that he knows inside out. His goal of starting a baseball organization is to help kids who love the sport to excel and play for their country in future. He started the largest baseball organization in the world. The team aims to ensure that everyone can access the training.

Contribution to Healthy Living

Stout is not only engaged in sports, but he is also a successful entrepreneur. He knows that health is an essential part of life and that is why he went ahead to start an organization called IDLife which produces healthy products. They manufacture various products ranging from products for weight management to sleep strips. The company became from the desire by Logan to see people having good healthy physically. Logan believes it is essential for someone to have overall good physical and mental health.

An Author

Logan loves doing many things. Apart from sports and entrepreneurship, he has also written a book where he advises those who want to build themselves. He points that it is vital for people to work as a team to achieve success.

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