Tammy Mazzocco Has Some Success Advice for You

For Tammy Mazzocco success in the real estate industry is unequivocally tied to her success in life. For Tammy real estate is more than just her career, it’s a passion and it influences everything that she does in her life every single day. She shared on Facebook about  her life and passion in the industry. She didn’t start out in her life with hopes and aspirations of being one of the most successful real estate agents in Ohio, in fact, she wasn’t looking at real estate at all. She was looking for a job and she found one working as a secretary at The Edwards Real Estate Company in the early 90s. She worked with a team of nine commercial real estate agents who inspired her to begin exploring the industry deeper.

It wants until her next position, however, working in condo management for the Scotland Yard Condominiums that she found the enthusiasm and interest to pursue her own real estate license after Ken Cook, of Cook Realty gave her the encouragement to seize upon her natural talents and develop them into a career. In 1995 she earned her license and started her career in real estate in earnest. She has since worked with T&R Properties, RE/MAX, and most recently has been a part of the team at Judy Gang & Associates.

Tammy Mazzocco lives her life with a passion for details and precision. She knows that is the only real way to succeed. She starts each day with stretching and meditating to prepare her mind and body for the tasks ahead. She plans out the most important things of her day to take place first thing, even blocking out time to do them if they are unpleasant. She focuses her energies on what she can do each day to create an environment of success both professionally and personally.

When it comes to fostering that environment Tammy Mazzocco knows that you have to start with big ideas and let them guide you. She believes in brainstorming her thoughts to get those ideas down on paper so she can pursue planning them out to see which ones are viable and which are not. She then says that once you have a goal in mind, or an idea, or a plan, it’s important that you break things down into action steps. She doesn’t just mean plan out your professional activities, but apply this to all aspects of your life. Plan out everything that you need to do and succeed in all aspects of your life.

Most importantly Tammy Mazzocco says that the true key to success and happiness is to not take yourself too seriously and to make sure that you live without fear. Seize every opportunity and run with it. Indeed, that’s great advice, and it’s coming from someone who has proven that it’s advice well worth heeding.



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