Rodrigo Terpins Challanges The Best Drivers In The Bull Sertoes Rally

The Terpins family is associated with successful people in all areas of life. An important factor that brings the family together is sports. At the top is Jack Terpins who is Rodrigo’s father. His area of specialization is business and basketball. Despite tight schedules as a result of enterprise commitments, Jack always makes a point to play basketball. He reckons that apart from just remaining fit, playing basketball is a hobby, and he feels incomplete if he does not engage in the sport.

On the other hand, Rodrigo Terpins has followed in the footsteps of his dedicated father. However, he decided to participate in a different area of sports, which is car racing. As a young person, he was not expected to succeed significantly in this area as it typically requires the input of gurus who understand all that pertains to driving cars. However, he managed to prove that age is not a determinant of success especially in this era where the world has become very competitive.

Mike Terpins is the brother to Rodrigo Terpins, and he also engages in rally driving. They both race in the Bull Sertoes Rally, which is one of the hardest rally race in the world. The Bull Sertoes Rally is usually participated by those who have the skill, dedication, determination, and perfect racing machines. Otherwise, engaging in the race is just availing oneself for failure. Rodrigo specializes in the T1 prototype category, and Fabricio Bianchini is his co-driver.

In the latest edition of the contest, Rodrigo managed to clinch the 3rd position in his group. The overall position is based on the time taken to complete the race, and in this case, Rodrigo was number eight. Success in life requires strategy, and for Rodrigo Terpins, his technique was adapting the car to rough terrain in the course of the race.

Rodrigo did not expect to perform extremely well, and the outcome baffled him, but he believes that teamwork greatly helped to secure his success. Rodrigo has had to race in the Bull Sertoes Rally more than once before eventually emerging as the winner. You can visit his Facebook page.

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