Community Links Prove Important To Rocketship Education

The education model created by Rocketship Education is seen as being dramatically different to that pursued by the majority of facilities in the public school system. Much of the change being sought by Rocketship Education comes in the form of the building of a community among students and educators who are hoping to create a better way of learning which will hopefully last throughout the lives of both students and their families.

Rocketship Education was formed in 2006 when former public school educators, Preston Smith and John Danner came together to try and find a better way of enjoying their lives based around the need for a higher class of education for low-income students in the San Jose, California area. Eventually, the first attempt at a school system was developed in a church hall in San Jose with just a handful of students which would later expand to become the basis of the Rocketship Education system.

The group believes what sets it apart from its fellow charter schools is a dedication to bringing success to low-income families at elementary school level; one of the main aims of the school system is to empower parents and family members to create increasing numbers of charter schools based on the experiences they have enjoyed with Rocketship Education.

Despite the number of individuals at Rocketship Education and the vast area the charter school network covers in the three states of California, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, as well as the District of Washington D.C. a sense of community is always one of the most important factors for all students. Educators at rocketship Education make regular trips to the homes of students to learn more about their surroundings and any issues they may be facing in their lives such as those seen during devastating flooding across the San Jose region of California in 2017; members of the 20 different Rocketship schools across the U.S. came together to provide stability for the children affected as their school campus became more important than ever to them.

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