Securus Technologies: Adding GovNetPay to their Subsidiaries

Securus Technologies announced that they are acquiring GovNetPay, and the payment platform will now be under the supervision of one of the leading communications provider in the United States. The decision to acquire GovNetPay came from the executive department of Securus Technologies, and according to their new chief executive officer, Robert E. Pickens, the acquisition of GovNetPay will be beneficial both for the company and for the public. He stated that they will be putting a lot of improvements with the payment platform, and included in the improvements that he is referring to would be the faster payment transactions possible only by integrating the technology that Securus Technologies have on their end.



GovPayNet is a simple way on how the public can pay government related payments. The platform is being used in more than 26% of total number of counties in the United States, and the number of people using the payment platform keeps on increasing every year. Now that GovNetPay is under the ownership of Securus Technologies, experts believe that the customer based of GovNetPay would expand. They are presently accepting credit and debit payments, but Securus Technologies is studying the possibility of including new payment methods so that the public will have more options.



People who are using GovNetPay would simply log into their website, where they would be asked for their payment location code or PLC for short. They can also search for their PLC by filling up a form provided inside the website. GovNetPay is one of the most convenient ways to pay for taxes, fees, fines, and even bail, and they have all the tracking option and the reference option that can be presented to the government as a proof that a payment has been made. With Securus Technologies, the role of GovNetPay would surely be expanded.



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How We Use Securus Technologies to Solve Cold Cases

My job as a fugitive hunter is stressful to say the least. If I know that a suspect is in our town and committing crimes, each day he is allowed to roam the streets just puts too many people in harm’s way. If I can not close the case, I feel I have failed myself and my community. This month we were given a case that really commanded my full attention.


A suspect in a cold case was being released from jail this month, and he already had a long history of violence. The problem was that all the witnesses in his case would either disappear or have a change of heart. We suspected he was sending people to threaten the families of the witnesses, but we could never put the evidence together to prove the charges.


When I was informed Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate call monitoring system in the local jail, I thought it could be the ears we needed to gather evidence in this case before a suspect was freed. Securus Technologies is so effective at helping officers to make their jails safer, it is already installed in over 2,600 jails around the country. That and the fact the company objective is to make the world safer just solidified my thinking this was the only way to catch our suspect.


We let it known we discovered a new witness who was going to shed light on the fact this suspect was behind the crimes he was charged. Once the inmates got word, it wasn’t long before our suspect took to the phones. The LBS software detected him telling an associate to give our fake witness a visit. Not only did we arrest the thug, that call provided us evidence to keep the suspect in jail long enough to have his properly prosecuted.


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Discover A Calling Network That Saves Inmates And Their Families Money

Are you tired of dropped calls and feeling like you’re being duped by an inmate communication provider? Securus Technologies leads the forefront as one of the largest inmate communication networks in the industry. Their state mandated regulations include monitoring, surveillance, and advanced technology solutions. Securus was responsible for catching irregularities with Global Tel-Link during a fourth quarter audit. PRN News has reported free inmate calls are be offered as a one time courtesy to Louisiana residents, by Global Tel-Link customers. Since the audit, Global Tel-Link has made an effort to correct their inaccuracies and improve their telephone network.


Securus has expanded their services to include inmate calling features. They now offer their customers high definition video chat features through a merger with global video giant, Vimeo. This new and exciting video feature will give you the option of talking to your loved ones over the internet. Their holiday visitation over the internet is becoming increasingly popular. You’ll have complete control over the video and the sound with a click of a few buttons. You can save the time staking effort of commuting to a correctional facility, by visiting your loved ones face-to-face, during a video chat.


Securus Technology Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates can receive voicemail messages from their loved ones through a personalized access account. Inmates never have to miss another important message from home. You can relay information faster than written correspondence. This feature is available through an inmate’s commissary.


Telephone Debit


Are you over 18 with a valid debit or credit card? You can order many inmates features in advance including, calling creates, send photos, and put money in their account. Say goodbye to that third party authorized agent.


Visit the official Securus Technologies website for more details.



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A Humanitarian and Technological Giant

Securus Technologies is a powerful and reliable information technology corporation who hails from Dallas, Texas. The company was started a few years ago in order to meet the security and communications needs of incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. It was recently revealed online that Securus has been following a strict rubric placed upon it by the Better Business Bureau, and has managed to master all aspects of the rubric, leading Securus Technologies to be accredited with an A+ rating within the Better Business Bureaus records. This is a huge honor for the technology company, allowing it to attract new customers to its ranks and being able to produce high quality products for an increased number of people who need them.

The company relies on creating mobile applications and communication solutions for inmates and their families, using a free downloadable application as their basis of care. This application allows these individuals to openly communicate with their family members using a video chat utility that can stream seamlessly over Wi-Fi signals. This is especially important for inmates because they are not allowed to access a number of different communication devices or digital forms of technology. The application will assist in bettering visitation processes as it will mean an end to long driving periods for family members and will allow them to bypass mandatory security checks.

Securus Technologies has proven itself time and time again for its ability to be advocates for social change in and around the prison system. Not only do they treat inmates with respect and dignity but they offer them the chance to feel like members of American society again by giving them the same options as the outside world. This labels Securus Technologies as a technology and humanitarian company, respectfully.

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