Andy Wirth, the CEO who Pursues Passion in the Face of Tragedy

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Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, has passion for skydiving. He and his friends did it every chance they got and often dove several times daily. Time were smooth sailing for Andy as he continued pursuing his passion of diving. Unfortunately, tragedy struck on in a diving incident that almost left him without his arm. The first dive area they were going to was shut down because of high winds. Instead of quitting, they decided to move onto another area to perform a few dives. The first mistake was that their pilot flew too far from the dive area. The second mistake was the high winds that were still a risk. When Andy Wirth dropped from the plane, the winds blew him too far from the landing area.

To be free from power lines on, Wirth chose to try to land in the vineyard. The situation looked like it would turn out fine, but a sudden gust of wind blew Andy off track and his arm hit a pole, basically tearing it off. Andy Wirth on wsj knew that he could face death, but his quick thinking from his experience as a back county ranger saved his life. He was flown to the hospital and after months in the hospital and several surgeries, Andy now has 70% use of his hand and hopes to have a surgery to give him a bicep from his leg.

After his recovery, Andy Wirth became friends with a Navy Seal. Now he pursues a different passion of competing in IronMan races. Through this man’s influence on his life, Wirth has had the inspiration to raise money for wounded Navy Seals on

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