More Than Mushroom Coffee to Organo Gold

You may have read about the “mushroom coffee” trend in articles in publications like Fast Company and Business Insider. If so, you know the specific ingredient in these coffees is an extract from the Ganoderma genus of mushrooms. Mushroom coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms, and the Ganoderma ingredient can be mixed in with a wide variety of products, from coffees and teas to supplements and smoothie powders. Watch this video on Youtube.

“Ganoderma” means “shining skin” in Greek. Also called shelf mushrooms because of their long, flat shape, these fungi have long been used in some of the traditional medical practices of Asia. Contemporary allopathic medicine is looking into a wide variety of potential health benefits from consuming Ganoderma, from antioxidant activity to possible effects on high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and the regulation of the immune system.

Organo Gold started out with a simple mission to make a great-tasting coffee product incorporating Ganoderma extracts. The company launched in British Columbia in 2008 and now sells in more than 50 countries around the world. What started out as a coffee company now divides its products into the Beverages, Body Management, and Personal Care categories.

Coffee lovers can, of course, still purchase their favorite Organo Gold coffee products with Ganoderma. These include Organo Gold’s Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme, Gourmet Black Coffee, and King of Coffee options. King of Coffee is an instant coffee beverage containing Ganoderma spores. The Gourmet Black Coffee variety has no added sweeteners or lighteners for those who want to customize their own coffee. Flavored options, like the Café Mocha, need only water added and are ready to drink.

Organa Gold also offers its Hot Cocoa mix. This caffeine-free beverage mix can be a treat for the whole family. As with other Organo beverage mixes, the Ganoderma adds a serving of fiber for an added health boost.

Those who prefer tea may want to try Organa Gold’s Ganoderma-containing tea varieties. These include organic green tea bags, organic red tea bags, and the Black Ice formulation that makes iced black tea, ideal for warmer weather.

Body management products include smoothie mixes, herbal dietary supplements, and FENIX energy drink powders. Organo Gold’s personal care line that includes a toothpaste and a soap that both incorporate Ganoderma lucidum. Visit to know more.

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