Squaw Valley Issues Statement on Water Quality Improvement

Squaw Valley recently published a detailed statement concerning issues with an internal water system at the famous resort. According to the statement issued Wednesday, Nov. 30, by Liesl Kenney, PR representative for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, the presence of coliform and E. coli in the water system serving the Upper Mountain of Squaw Valley was discovered by the resort and reported to local health authorities. The resort’s own water safety testing routine uncovered the problem, and Squaw Valley has been working with the Placer County’s Environmental Health department to treat the affected water system.


The problem stems from heavy rains in October, which caused an internal water system serving the Upper Mountain to become flooded. Three of the four wells serving the mountain are testing negative for E. coli and have very low levels of coliform. However, the resort continues to work tirelessly in order to ensure that all the well water is safe for consumption. At no time was any contaminated water ever available to the public, and the Squaw Valley will continue to monitor water quality throughout to ensure the safety of its customers and the general public.


Until all water issues are resolved, the resort will continue to provide free bottled water to all guests at High Camp and Gold Coast, the two areas affected by the flooding. Squaw Valley will advise guests when drinking water in the affected areas is safe to drink. Thanks to Squaw Valley’s rigorous safety protocols and immediate action, the problem was immediately contained and will soon be corrected.

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