Rodrigo Terpins in The Rally World

Rodrigo Terpins is a well-known Brazilian rally driver. Rodrigo started participating in sports events at a very early age, and that helped him to prepare well for his future career.


Alongside his brother Michel Terpins, they formed a team well-known as Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and they have been able to complete even the most challenging circuit races.


Also if a rally is a complicated sport that demands one’s skills and calmness even under pressure, the two brothers can work together as a team, and they can maintain chemistry between themselves making them be achievers in the race. You can visit for more.



The Terpins family is well known because of sport the two brothers are in rally races and their father Jack Terpins was a famous Brazilian basketball player and also a successful entrepreneur.


The University of Sail Hilaire is where Rodrigo Terpins attained his business management skills. At the age of 16, Rodrigo was the president at Lojas Marisa where he started applying his skills, until when he decided to quit the job in 2007. You can visit their website



Rodrigo chooses even his profession to circulate the rallies because in 2008 he formed the T5 Participacoes Company together with his brother. Since then the company has been among the best in organizing the rally racing events in Brazil.


Rodrigo Terpins says the way that he brings his ideas to life is by putting them on the table and trying to discuss them with his partner in a real way and inexpensive and ensure it will bring investment return. He says that keeping him aware of the thing happening in the world and getting linked makes him productive as an entrepreneur.


Rodrigo has been in the rally world as a drive, so he has the experience, so that’s what helps his business to develop. The idea of investing in cannabis is a future business that is going to pick because science is evolving day by day.


He says no matter how busy you are with your business you should always find time for your family because the memories are priceless.



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