How Modern Day Neuroscientists Like Jorge Moll are Impacting the Field of Psychology (and the World) for the Better

For those of you who have sat through countless hours of a Psychology course either in High School or in College, you will know what I mean when I say that it can be a challenge to walk out of class and feel good. Human behavior in previous decades has been studied with what feels like the intent of diagnosing a disorder or discovering an abnormal trait that could later be classified into the latest and not so greatest mental illness that needs treatment.


In the past, a lot of Psychological and Neuroscientific research has focused on the negative end of the behavioral spectrum, and with this research comes an overwhelming disappointment and even a negative worldview of who we truly are and how we operate as a human race. We need a light shining on the positive and uplifting aspects of human behavior now, especially given the current burdens of the world and all of its wars, crime, poverty, and sickness. A ray of hope backed by scientific evidence could possibly turn us in the right direction.


Things are definitely changing in the field of Psychology, and it’s thanks to the amazing minds and hearts of Neuroscientists and Psychologists like Jorge Moll who are studying the effects of positive psychology on the human brain and how that translates to modern culture and society (


Instead of focusing on the latest form of Schizophrenia or illnesses of the mind, these brilliant chaps are studying how something as simple as giving has a giant and positive impact on the human mind and on culture in general (YouTube). Research is being released on how positive psychology impacts physical health, which is something we all definitely need to hear.


This is definitely something most of us will come out of class smiling and feeling good about and can change the world for the better.


How are we viewing humanity? Are we identifying with ourselves as a sick and flawed race or as a driving force of empowerment and good?

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