The Accomplishments of JeanMarie Guenot, Ph.D.


Jeanmarie Guenot, Ph.D., serves as the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics. She obtained Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco and her MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She now has over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology and the pharmaceuticals industries.

Jeanmarie Guenot began her career as a Team Leader/Principal Scientist and Preclinical R&D working for Hoffman-La Roche. Able to put to good use the experience and knowledge she gained from this work she was able to move to Atlas Venture where she worked as an Associate in Life Sciences.

Jeanmarie gained her first upper management role when she starting working for PDL BioPharma as their Vice President, Corporate and Business Development. After five years she was able to use this executive experience to be named as a Managing Partner for Guenot, LLC.

As an entrepreneur, Jeanmarie Guenot, Ph.D. founded SKS Ocular, LLC in 2009. In this start-up she focused on ocular issues such as therapeutics for glaucoma, ocular inflammation, and dry AMD.

Using this vast experience in such areas as business development, pharmaceutical R&D, and project management she was named as the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics. Amphivena Therapeutics is a corporation that develops bifunctional antibody therapies for hematologic malignancies as well as cancer immunotherapeutics.

In 2015 Amphivena Therapeutics achieved two milestones under the agreement they had formed with Janssen Biotech, Inc. The clinical candidate they developed was reported to hold great promise as a valuable anti-cancer therapy.

In 2016 the FDA accepted Amphivena’s investigational new drug, called AMV564. After the drugs acceptance Amphivena announced that they would initiate a Phase 1 expansion trial and dose escalation for patients.

Amphivena Therapeutics, a privately held company, was founded in 2012. The company is based in San Francisco, CA. Amphivena has developed partnerships with Janssen Biotech, Inc. as well as Affimed Therapeutics AG. To date the company has raised $14 million in funding.

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