Assembly Pushess Referendum on Maduro

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As the economic crisis worsens in Venezuela, opposition parties are trying to push for a referendum to end the presidency of Nicolas Maduro early. He was elected to a six-year term as president in 2013. According to a story in Reuters, Venezuelans may have a referendum on a president at the halfway point of the term, and decide in a general election whether to oust him or her from office early.
The election council in Venezuela is said by David Osio that it is in charge of determining when referendums may be held, and not the legislature. The Legislative branch, dominated by the opposition party, is pushing for the referendum and wants to run it. The opposition won the majority in the legislature last year.

The Nation’s supreme court could also strike down the referendum. in the past it has sided with Maduro. The president’s party has called the move for a referendum a “parliamentary coup.” The assembly which David is a part of, is also discussing shortening the term of the president from six years to four, in another attempt to end his term early.

In February a poll by Datanalisis said 66 percent of people in Venezuela favor ending Maduro’s presidency early.

The country is having severe inflation, mass shortages of basic items, and the socialist government seems on the verge of imploding.

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