Barbara Stokes’ GSH; the Ideal and Affordable Problem Solver for natural Disaster

Life is unpredictable. For example, when natural disaster looms into people’s livelihood, misfortunes can occur and this can be quite difficult to withstand if there is no support from the community. When it comes to mentioning individuals who have positively impacted on such people’s lives, Barbara Stokes tops the list. Described a hardworking woman who invests time and effort to help people channel their thoughts to devising viable structures for natural calamities, Stokes is the head cheerleader of Green House Structures. Read more at Business Insider.

The Background

As a leader at Green House Structures, Stokes has passionately helped people by rescuing them from disaster through transitory home structures. These structures are not only easy to build but also take a short period of time to complete. Over and above, they have a broad spectrum of use especially when they have been constructed for convenient use. Moreover, the set up can be used especially as business structures with the intention to reinstate enterprises and preserve their general appearance.


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept off property in Dallas. Ranked as the second costliest natural disaster in the same category, it triggered a turbulent tornado that destroyed buildings in Alabama and its surroundings. Even so, a few people were able to evade the effects of the storm.

Besides, Alabama’s manufacturers are handy and creative. When disaster struck, they initiated a project that saw them assemble new buildings as well as other resources for victims of Hurricane Harvey. At that point, Green Structure Homes worked on the production of modular houses in October. Consequently, the company was awarded a $28 million contract. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Overview of Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is innovative and creative. She is not only a business leader but a trend setter in the department of natural disasters. The alumnus of Mercer University majored in physics and biomedical engineering. Additionally, she majored in manufacturing then property development and material’s structures. Having studied those disciplines, she honed her skills in public and commercial property development. Stokes is therefore a revered business leader and head of Green House Structures. As such, she is a role model for emerging entrepreneurs.


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