The Benefits of Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been proven to be one of the most powerful tools for marketing and promoting techniques. Wikipedia is a site that not only provides information to the audience, but can also provide a positive outlook on the business, destination, or even individual who is being discussed. When it comes to internet information, the most available information or positive information will give the public a positive outlook on what is being researched and evaluated. For personal branding or even when branding a business, hiring a Wiki writer to write positive and accurate content, is one of the best ways for a positive promotion.

Wikipedia is an online collaborative site that enables anyone to attach what they know about any particular topic. As an open source tool, this site can be very effective to promoting an individual or a company. With prime real estate on the Google database, it can be beneficial to hire a Wikipedia editor to continuously update a Wikipedia page. In doing this, individuals who are searching a specific topic will come across the Wikipedia page first and will be able to see up to date content on any given subject. In addition to this, Wikipedia is also a trustworthy site because of the dedicated Wikipedia editors that pay attention to not only the content, but also the accuracy of the content.

In recent news, Wikipedia was used as a way to demonstrate Irish pride after the 2016 Euro cup that showcased Italy and Ireland. During one of the matches of this event, Robert Brady of the Irish football team was able to make the last goal for Ireland within the last five minutes of the game. This goal one Ireland a spot in the final 16 for the 2016 Euro cup. As a provider of this honor, fans have now dubbed Robert Brady as one of the most beloved men in Ireland.

To showcase the fans love for Robert Brady, hundreds of fans decided to add information about Robert Brady to his Wikipedia page. Some of the newly added information included the changing of his name to be Robert ‘The Messiah’ Brady or Robert ‘Jesus Christ’ Brady. Within hours of Ireland’s victory, over 100 fans added compliments to Robert Brady’s Wikipedia page. Though his page has since then been corrected, this is an example of the positive influence that the Wikipedia page can have on the careers of individuals and businesses that are in the public eye.