Neuro: Depression is not sadness

There is a broad misunderstanding that depression is nothing more than sadness on steroids, poor analogy, but this is thought that many people seem to think about when it comes to depression and to be candid this thinking is very myopic.

Depression is not simply sadness. It isn’t someone who is feeling sorry for themselves. It isn’t a person who has merely a low self-esteem. Depression is a mental disease. At Neurocore they are using technology to advance the treatment with biofeedback sessions that involve neurofeedback. These sessions take approximately 45 minutes. Neuroscientist have discovered this helps create neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change.


More so it is a chemical imbalance in a person that makes them feel so bad about themselves and their lives.

Depression is not sadness. Sadness can be taken away by distraction. Sadness can stop, and sadness is more of a feeling that can be controlled much easier then depression. Read more about Neurocore at

Depression is not Sadness

Depression affects many people relationships, lifestyle and their future. It is a ribber of life. Depression makes people continuously worry about the negative in life and blinds them for the good that is in their life.

This is because, as already mentioned, depression is a chemical imbalance. Emotions are chemicals, and how we feel is derived from the chemical makeup in our minds.

Poor exercise, poor dieting and surrounding yourself with negative people will ultimately lead to depression. We know this is true as anxiety and depression have risen in America over the past few years.

We wonder why anti-depressants and teen violence have escalated and this is because of the three factors that were listed.

This is not merely a feeling it is a disease that is spreading. It is important to understand the difference between these two emotions and understand that depression like sadness can be beaten. Follow Neurocore on

Change your environment

It is a great decision to leave a job that is making you depressed. Money is important, but depression hurts more than your heart and minds it affects your health. There are some ways to get money and provide for your family. However, with stressing yourself out and surrounding yourself with negative people being in the hospital will not help.

Leave negative pope behind and find something you are passionate about.


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