The OSI Group’s Success

It is common practice for most people not to question the origin of the food they consume. Research has shown that most people rarely question even how the ingredients were mixed. Food production has become an ordinary business in the society. With the rise in the number of the organizations that involve in OSI business, it is vital for one to be careful about what they feed on. One of the most trusted suppliers that we currently have out of all this is the OSI Industries.

The products that we have enjoyed from OSI Group are many. Although most of the people do not realize this factor, the OSI Group has been in operation for a long time. The company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Despite this locality, the business firm has extended its impacts to many other countries around the globe.

OSI is a popular business entity due to the wide variety of food and services that they offer. Their ability to produce quality protein makes the OSI a competitive company on an international scale. This makes their products to be served at world-leading restaurants worldwide.

The OSI is currently operating in seventeen countries under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

In the recent past, the OSI Industries has made acquisitions in Europe. One of the most notable acquisitions made is the purchase of the stake in Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch business organization with subsidiaries throughout countries such as Germany and Netherlands. At the time the acquisition was being made, the company was providing food commodities to more than eighteen countries in the European continent. The OSI leadership has better plans for Baho.

The expansion of OSI has not stopped at this purchase. The OSI Group purchased Flagship Europe. This step has made them take over the production of the firm’s production of commodities such as frozen poultry and condiments.

With the massive support from the OSI Industries leadership, Flagship Europe will be able to get new opportunities in Europe. Flagship Europe has the capability of leveraging some of the tactics that have been used by OSI Industries to be successful in the US.

Tying Together A Global Team Of Experts Is A Job At OSI Group

The global marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds. In the information age of today, all those who work in the field of business must be truly capable of responding effectively. Many companies today, such as OSI Group, have responded to the possibilities of a global marketplace by embracing it happily. However, this global organization that is headquartered in Aurora, IL also has offices in places such as India, China, Germany and the United Kingdom. As a company with a developing global network, they are well aware of the need to continue to tie together the diverse parts of their operations into one coherent whole. This is why those at the company have increasingly sought out employees who share their global vision. Those who have a background in fields with a global bent such as information technology will find that a career here at OSI Group can help provide them with the career they have always wanted.

Global Vision

When CEO David G. McDonald took over operations, he realized there was a great deal of potential in the market. OSI Group takes raw materials like vegetables and meat products and creates items that people love eating. Under the president’s leadership, the company has forged important links with companies that also have global outlets. They offer high quality beef products for companies such as McDonald’s and Subway. In the process, they have created a global network that helps such companies offer reliable food items that customers can count no matter where they are at any given time. In order to facilitate the delivery of products from one area to the next, all those at the company must be aware of specifics involved such as how to transport food items across many time zones.

Workers also need to be aware of other issues that may arise as they work with their end users. This includes the need to be aware of the varied food regulations that may impact the delivery of foods from one region to the next. Quality and attention to detail remain at the top of any list when it comes to managing this important process. Employees who work here need to know exactly where any given shipment is located as it is brought from the fields and ultimately put on the plate. A global team of experts serves as the backbone of the company’s successful global marketplace team efforts.