Highland Capital Managment Influences Public Discourse

James Dondero and Mark Okada co-founders of Highland Capital Management are shaping public policy for decades to come with a significant endowment gift of $10 million dollars. It was reported in January of 2018 by the George W. Bush Presidential Center that the endowment gift will support the Library’s public program series by serving as its title sponsor. Highland Capital Management was a founding contributor to the Bush Center by providing a Founding Benefactor gift of $5 million dollars in 2012. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Mr. James Dondero a co-founder of Highland Capital Management serves on the Executive Board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. His passion for education and public policy is demonstrated by having Highland Capital Management serve as title sponsor for public policy events. In February of 2018 High Capital Management sponsored a program with the National Constitution Center: “Constitutional Conversation: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches. Furthermore Highland Capital has sponsored multiple evens annually including the annual Highland Capital Lecture. It was reported in January that Mr. Dondero will serve on the Hersh’s Executive Advisory Council.

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Highland Capital Management seeks to provide a platform for conservative dialogue regarding an array of topics. The multimillion dollar organization reaches across economic levels and provide a diversified client base. The impact of the sponsor series provides opportunities for multiple organizations, philosophies, political operatives, economist and other stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues currently facing the nation. The dialogue provides forecasting opportunities for stakeholders to examine the direction of the court, congress and the sitting president.

Highland Capital has taken a leadership role in shaping the conversation and exposing stakeholders to voices of public policy. Information and education are required in a technological age and Highland Capital Management is seeking to inform and educate individuals on public policy. Regardless of party affiliation the support of the George W. Bush Presidential Library is a unique opportunity for Highland Capital Management to contribute to the public discourse and shape policy that may be advantageous for the organization. Read this article at PR Newswire.

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