Herbalife to Launch Activewear Competition

Herbalife has just announced their collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to produce a back to school competition to create an activewear collection. The contestants will be divided into teams and given the task to design an activewear line that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. The participants will have to present their designs to the Herbalife and FIDM program judges to decide on a winner. In the final round, the participants will be challenged to explain their plans for merchandising their products. Rich Goudis, Herbalife CEO, expressed his eagerness to make this a successful initiative for the upcoming creative minds that will be competing in these tasks.


During this program, the participants will be learning important information pertaining to business and merchandising. They will be given the opportunity to learn about the global marketing and merchandising system and they also will knowledge of the Herbalife lifestyle of an independent distributor and their influence on athletes around the world.


Herbalife is a nutrition company recognized globally that develops the marketing and distribution of medical supplements, weight management programs and services, sports nutrition, and personal care products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Mark first began selling the services out of the trunk of his car. It did not take long for this program to become well known. In just the following year, Herbalife introduced a line of skincare and hair products. Shortly after in the years after, Herbalife began to make a global expansion. As its popularity continues to increase, Herbalife has managed to embrace seeds to feed campaign. With this campaign, they ensure that all of their products are made from the freshest and safest ingredients. The most advanced technology is used to ensure that the most up to date nutrition factors are taken into consideration when creating their products. Tests are continuously run on their products at every step of production and this allows their products to be managed with care. With the new generation of health-conscious individuals rising, Herbalife has maintained its popularity by keeping up with the change of times. This as allowed them to be a trusted name in the weight loss and fitness community. This program will help them to contribute to their communities, but will also be a big step for cultivating the minds of future nutrition gurus.





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Fabletics: An Online Revolution in Ordering Athletic Wear

One of the things I’ve recently fallen in love with is the membership-based model of purchasing goods and services. I love knowing that a box of delicious, locally grown food is coming to my house each week. Similarly, I love not having to scour the racks of clothing stores looking for athletic wear that fits my style and needs. I am a frequent runner and also participate in class activities like Yoga and spinning, so finding clothes than can easily transition has always be a headache. Not to mention that I don’t particularly like going to stores to shop. The dressing room lighting is always harsh and I am always frantically checking my work email while I wait in extended lines only to receive sub-par customer service.


This is one of the reasons that I am among the millions of people that have become loyal to Fabletics. Owned and founded by actress and fitness junkie Kate Hudson, Fabletics delivers an adorable outfit to my door once a month (or more if I choose) that fits my unique needs and style.


If you haven’t checked out Fabletics yet, you can visit their website and take a very short quiz that uses an algorithm to determine your unique tastes: what is your style, what athletic activities do you enjoy, sizes, etc. From this profile, the company determines exactly what clothing will be best for your active life.


Possibly the best thing about the clothing line is that it is actually trendy – the pieces transition from gym to…wherever you may be going. My orders are typically bright and fun, as that is my personal style generated from the lifestyle quiz. However, friends of mine with a more muted style receive outfits that fit their personal style.


A recent CNBC article took a deep look into what Fabletics was doing so right that has allowed the company to generate $250 million in sales in just five years. One of the reasons that left the biggest impression was Kate Hudson’s unique style as the founder. She is truly hands on with her company and cites that as her second recommendation for achieving success. She also recommends to not be afraid to take risks and to motivate yourself to be constantly inspired by your passions.


Fabletics’ unique positioning as a brand that adopts reverse showrooming, or inviting people to a digital site rather than an actual store is resonating with people of all ages and has helped fueled the company’s success. The reverse showroom has also allowed the company to go head-to-head with online retailers like Amazon…and succeed greatly.

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Fabletics in a Creativity Bake Off with Amazon

Keeping fit should be a life style. You should take a few hours to work out every week, regardless of whether you want to shed weight or not. Exercising is very important on your health. But it does require a little motivation. Getting yourself a trendy sports apparel is a great motivation. When you are confident in what you are wearing, you keep going, so people can notice you. And, when the quality of your apparel is top-notch it prevents you from injuring your muscles as the go through the motion.

Fabletics sells sports apparel that are both trendy and of a high quality. And as if that isn’t enough, given that all other quality sportswear brands have great quality but no sense of fashion, they sell their attires at affordable prices. This is what has led Fabletics to be a great competitor for the likes of Lululemon, Athleta and even Amazon. I would say that being a contender for Amazon makes Fabletics a really big deal. So, what is it that they are doing which places them at a competitive advantage over Amazon?


Advertisement is key in creating brand awareness and boosting sales. This is one area that Fabletics beats Amazon. While Amazon will never be seen advertising individual products, you will always see ads about Fabletics and their funky work out gear. This helps to inform and lure more people to purchase from this company.


Kate Hudson is the celebrity behind Fabletics. She is one of the most celebrated figures in the arts industry. Her down-to-earth yet fierce and go-getter personality makes her a celebrity figure that many seek to emulate. So imagine you being a fan of Hudson and wearing the same attires as she. Also, imagine having your favorite work out gear customized by her. This will get you buying.


Unlike Amazon, Fabletics allows membership programs. This is a very creative way of getting customers to visit their online store and buy. When you become a VIP member at Fabletics, you get the feel that you are shopping in a traditional store. Depending on your style and preferences, you can access an array of attires coming in different designs, patterns, colors, style and sizes.

Fabletics rewards you for buying from them, unlike Amazon who barely seem to recognize you as their client. At Fabletics, you get loyalty points for each time you shop as their VIP member. These points can be redeemed and you get free stuff. And, who wouldn’t love to get free goods? Fabletics also allows their VIP members to shop at discounted prices. You get two or three piece attires at between $49 and $99. These are attires that you would probably get at hundreds of dollars.

Bottom Line

Fabletics knows their market real well. They know that shoppers only go online to checkout new stuff and what is trending. Their membership program however makes you window shop and leave with a few items.

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