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IAP Worldwide has established itself as the top logistics and facilities management company in the world. It works with a number of government organizations, the military and private sector businesses. The main function of this company is to help a number of organizations establish infrastructure and manage it in remote locations throughout the world. In order to help its clients, IAP Worldwide Services will complete a number of tasks to ensure a smooth transition in unfamiliar areas. First, IAP Worldwide develops and constructs roads that provide for safer pathways for transportation. The company also builds a number of facilities to conduct operations. As well as developing infrastructure, IAP Worldwide Services also develops and manages communication, energy and technology systems.

The history of IAP Worldwide Services dates back to three decades ago. When the company was first starting out, it was simply known as IAP. The company specialized in logistics services that emphasized transporting materials and supplies. Over the course of the next decade, IAP would establish its reputation as a very dependable company in logistics. As a result of this established reputation, IAP Worldwide would begin working with the United States Army and assist them in transporting generators during Operation Desert Storm. Since IAP was able to help the Army, it would eventually become one of the most trusted vendors for the entire military and other organizations of the government.

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For the rest of the 1990’s decade, IAP would continue to work with the military and the United States government. In 2006, IAP looked to expand its services in order to further help its top clients. It would acquire another logistics and facilities management company known as Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. The acquisition would help IAP become larger and more versatile. It would rename itself IAP Worldwide Services and begin helping its clients in a number of ways such as developing roads, building facilities, energy sites and communications systems. It would also introduce, install and manage technology resources as well.

In terms of employment, IAP Worldwide Services offers a number of lucrative opportunities to those interested in working for the company. There is currently a position as a finance analyst. Individuals can also take advantage of jobs in transportation management such as air traffic control as well. The company also offers positions as a contracts administrator and also an information technology administrator too. Therefore, IAP Worldwide Services provides a number of jobs in a variety of different fields.

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