Robert Ivy Is the Reckoning Force Constructing Architectural Minds

Choosing a career may be the first meaningful choice a young person ever makes. They spend their whole lives rebelling their parents’ choices and societal rules and all of a sudden, they are forced to grow up and given the mantle to make a decision that may define the course of the rest of their lives. If they are lucky enough, they meet Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy heads a version of a trade union known as professional associations, and his forte is the architecture industry. Any young man or woman equipped with architect skills has their back covered. While many young professionals feel like they are looking for the needle in the haystack when it comes to solidifying their positions in the industries of their desires, those under Robert Ivy have it all. They get the chance of networking with fellow peers as well as mentors in the industry through various forums and draw from a pool of expertise of people that came before them. Networking gives better eyes where glasses were needed, and young professionals desperately need the nod if they are to climb higher up the corporate ladder.

Robert Ivy’s association is tailored specifically for people that see the blueprint instead of a building. He claims that though they are small in number, they have a voice that could put a pack of roaring lions to shame. They say and do what they believe and influence change in an industry where malpractice may be rampant and legislation a quagmire. Robert Ivy leads a team he is quick to ensure it maintains an uncompromised value system.


A young architect, looking towards improving his experience only needs a small membership fee and enough discipline for the set code of ethics. It is a low-price worth paying considering the benefits of free education, free advice and a sea of opportunities in the job market.

Who is Robert Ivy?

He has served American Institute of architects since 1996 influencing growth and seen thousands of young people come in green and grow to leadership. He studied English at Sewanee University and later undertook master’s in architecture at Tulane University. In 2016, he led a successful campaign against a bill supporting fossil fuel use in federal buildings. Learn more about Robert Ivy at


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