Andrew Rolfe –Helping Ubuntu Education Fund Achieve its Objectives Through Fund-Raising Measures

The African Subcontinent is filled with a concentration of the world’s most deprived population, and the lack of necessary supplies in there like food, clean water, education, hospitals, medicines, and more, is known across the globe. Even though many organizations are burning the midnight oil to reach out to the larger section of the population that needs support and supplies, the efforts are simply not enough. One of the organizations that have been working day and night to empower local communities in South Africa is Ubuntu Education Fund. The organization’s primary focus is education as that is what would build the foundation for a better tomorrow. Along with education, the Ubuntu Education Fund has also diversified its focus in later years, providing health care, medical supplies and other essential amenities for the local people.

Jacob Lief, the founder, and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund has spoken on the work of Ubuntu Education Fund in South Africa. At present, the organization is helping over 400,000 adults and children in Africa, and the number is expected to grow in the times to come as it manages to gather more fund through the various fund raising activities. Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, has helped tremendously in increasing the fund size of the organization as well in organizing various fund raising activities for Ubuntu Education Fund. Recently, a gala dinner was held in London along with the support provided by Andrew Rolfe that helped in raising funds over 600,000 GBP.

Andrew Rolfe has tremendous experience in the corporate sector as well and is the managing director of TowerBook Capital Ventures as well. Andrew Rolfe is a highly qualified individual who has done graduation from Oxford University and Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Andrew Rolfe has also served as the President of The Gap’s International Division. Andrew Rolfe has also worked with many other companies during his initial years, which helped him gain considerable experience in business and finance. Presently, he is focused on helping Ubuntu Education Fund one of the largest in its sector, so that it can rehabilitate as many deprive adults and kids in Africa.

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