Sentient AI and the Importance of A/B Testing in E-commerce

The company of Sentient Technologies is better known a Sentient AI. The business develops software based on AI or artificial intelligence for online businesses in e-commerce to use in order to enhance their performance and revenue. Up to date, Sentient has two products on the market- Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend.

One of the focuses that Sentient AI puts a lot of emphasis on is A/B testing both in terms of use and also educating their audience about the technique. A/B testing is also commonly referred to as split-run testing or bucket tests. This time of testing is most commonly utilized in the industries of marketing as well as web analytics. The technique is, essentially, controlled experiment. It goes with two variants such as A and B. The A/B testing allows for the statistical evaluating of hypothesis using the two samples of A and B.

The method of split-run testing is utilized in statistics, but a more widely used sphere is web design with an emphasis on user experience design, which focuses on the way the user is influenced by the design of web page. The purpose of the A/B testing is to compare two variants of the layout of a web page and then to determine which variable is more effective.

When the testing is done, A and B are similar but one thing is different which might be a picture ora color of an element, and so on. That one difference between the two variables A and B might be what affects the behavior of the user. It might be what prompts them to purchase something, or to sign up for a newsletter, and so on. The impact that we are looking for is conversion rate. That is why some of the most common things that are A/B tested include purchase funnel on e-commerce websites and landing pages on websites and blogs, or businesses. They test copy text, colors, images, and so on.

While some people think that these changes are cosmetic and that people should not be affected by a brand photo or a color so much so that they buy something, people working in retail make these marginal improvements in order to make a full circle around the user behavior patterns. It is done in order to make any improvements in the drop-off rate of the users. Such marginal changes can lead to additional sales and increase revenue.

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