Rodrigo Terpins: Renowned Rally Driver

Rally driving is an extreme sport that is gaining popularity in Brazil. One of the most well-known enthusiasts of rally driving in the country is Rodrigo Terpins, who has been practicing his driving skills ever since he was a kid. He founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and he has been joining several rally driving competitions both locally and internationally. This year, Rodrigo Terpins once again competed at the Sertoes Rally, and he has shown his determination in competing against other racers. Rodrigo Terpins allotted several months for training and practicing, and he also invited his brother, Michel Terpins, to race with him.

The Sertoes Rally is one of them most important events for someone who is enthusiastic about rally driving. The event is currently in its 25th year, with the first race taking place back in 1993. More than 200 racers from across the globe gather in Brazil to join the competition, and there at least 100 types of vehicles that are being entered in the competition to race. This year, the competition will be taking place in the Midwestern states of Brazil, covering a total distance of 3,000 kilometers. Rodrigo Terpins and his crew would also be driving a T1 Prototype, a kind of vehicle created by his friends in the automobile industry which would display the best power.

Rodrigo Terpins is also supported by his father, Jack Terpins, a former basketball star in the country. It was his father who encouraged him and his brother to become rally drivers, and he never failed to remind them that they would have to practice and train to pursue their dreams and become successful in their chosen field. You can visit their website

At the race proper, Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins exerted all of their effort to win the competition. They have won two out of the three competition stages, but they would have to strive more to win the title. They also encountered a lot of problems during the race, but it never dampened their spirit to win. In the end, the Terpins brothers came in at the 4th place for those who are using the T1 Prototype, and they are overall in the 10th place for all types of vehicles.

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