The Endeavors Eli Gershkovitch

Beer was introduced in Canada by European settlers during the seventeenth century. Among the most popular varieties is spruce beer, whose first brewers included the Huron and other inhabitants of St. Lawrence. Initially, the drink served the medicinal purpose of preventing scurvy before subsequently evolving into a beer variety with a higher consumption rate than any lager in the country.


Ice beer is also a favorite variety in this region. It is made by utterly lowering the temperatures to freezing point until you notice ice crystals in the batch of beer. The crystals are then filtered off to leave a more intense concoction of alcohol with a lower percentage of water.


Another beer variety, the cream ale, is brewed as a light lager in regions of North America. The drink does not have cream, as the name suggests, and is brewed in accordance with the brewer’s preferences just like any other ale. It is usually fermented at warm temperatures and stored at cold conditions.

The 2017 United States Beer Championships were held in Canada. The annual event hosted judges from different parts of the United States and England. During the exhibition, renowned home-brewers and professional breweries get to showcase their brands and compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals. Among the participants in the event was the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group of Companies, Mr. Eli Gershkovitch.


Eli Gershkovitch developed a keen interest in brewing craft beer during his 1987 European tour. This was after he had his first taste of the Belgian beer. He then proceeded to establish his brewing company in 1995, further complementing the flagship operations of his enterprise by sponsoring several local events within Gastown (


Funny enough, Mr. Gershkovitch has no education background in brewing. He studied law at the University of Toronto. The accomplished brewer extensively researched on the brewery industry during his early career years in Vancouver and subsequently settled on Gastown as the ideal location. He finally realized his dream of opening a full-scale brewery in 2013 after substantial efforts in planning, organizing, and execution. Currently, Mr. Gershkovitch has clients in different parts of the world including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Hong Kong.


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