Talos Energy Hopes To Find Mutual Benefit In A Pemex Partnership:

There has been a consortium of exploratory oil firms that have been working off the coast of Mexico in what is called the Zama field. Taking the lead in this exploration of Zama is Texas-based Talos Energy. This consortium is doing some of the most critical work today in the energy industry and will look to a future with a cooperative venture with Pemex. Pemex is an energy firm that is run by the Mexican state and a partnership with the Talos Energy led exploratory consortium could prove to be a truly lucrative move for all involved. So far, the work being done by Talos Energy in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico has yielded very promising results. It was just last year that Talos Energy found a significant deposit of oil. When all is said and done, this oil deposit could end up amounting to an incredible two billion barrels.

One of the reasons that a partnership with Pemex makes sense for Talos Energy and its partners is the fact that the Zama field sits directly next to a major exploratory field that Pemex is currently planning to drill in soon. The data that Pemex has already collected regarding oil caches in this region of the Gulf is valuable information that can have a great benefit to the efforts being put forward by Talos Energy. Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan has also confirmed that with this deal, Talos Energy and its consortium would share the data that it has collected with Pemex.

Founded by Tim Duncan during the 2012 fiscal year, Talos Energy has quickly made a name in the oil and gas industry for its aggressive exploration of promising oil caches, particularly ones that are located in the Gulf of Mexico. The firm has also recently completed a major merger with Stone Energy that garnered Talos Energy an immediate position as a publically traded entity. The firm makes its headquarters in the Texas city of Houston. The recent finds in the Zama field have already begun yielding results for Talos Energy which has partnered with several other exploratory firms including Sierra Oil and Premiere Oil.


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The OSI Industries International Expansion

Many people buying food in supermarkets have little worry about the origin of their purchases. Similarly, no one inclines to question about ingredient purchases when dining in any restaurant. Considering the number of people eating/buying food out, one realizes it is a fascinating kind of food production. It is thus worthwhile to know about the companies feeding today’s societies.

There are many food companies, but OSI Industries stands out as the most prominent. Even though the company’s headquarters are in Illinois, it has a worldwide impact. There is a high chance you’ve been feeding on the company’s products without knowing it. It is so because OSI packaged products sell in supermarkets and restaurants around the globe. The company mostly focuses on producing meat items.

A Giant

OSI Industries is a subsidiary of OSI Group, which is privately held. OSI Group is under company President, David McDonald, and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin. Currently, the company operates in 17 countries. With over 20,000 employees, OSI provides beef, pork, bacon/ sausages, pizzas, snacks, desserts, seafood, and many other protein foods. Its 65 facilities help it to maintain operations and supply clients all over the world.

OSI Industries is growing big due to smart moves by the people at its parent company OSI Group. Recently, OSI Group purchased Baho Foods, another large food production company. Baho Foods has its base in the Netherlands, and other subsidiaries in that territory, plus all over Germany. It is evident that OSI Group wants to increase sales and ramp up production.

More Expansion

OSI Industries is growing at a fast pace. Other than in the Netherland and Germany, OSI Group expanded to markets in the European continent. In 2016, the company purchased Flagship Europe to take over its frozen condiments, pies, and poultry production. The leadership at OSI Group wanted Flagship Europe to grasp new opportunities emerging in the European Continent.

OSI Industries can only move upwards. There is a spirited push by its parent company to expand internationally. Even so, the expansion is also touching on OSI Group’s domestic presence. This was evident in June 2016 when OSI purchased Tyson Food’s food plant in Chicago that was about to close shop. Expect to feast more on OSI products.

To Learn More Click This Link : www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

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Why End Citizens United Opposed Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination

There are just a few weeks to go until America votes in the 2018 midterm elections. The progressive political action committee End Citizens United (ECU) has endorsed many candidates for political office this year who support campaign finance reform.

This organization was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in the nation’s capital. End Citizens United was formed in response to End Citizens United vs. FEC court case that wound up being heard by the Supreme Court. This court disastrously sided with End Citizens United. As a direct result of that ruling, corporations can not inject endless amounts of dark money into political campaigns without any restrictions. Follow the group on LinkedIn.

End Citizens United has endorsed dozens of candidates for office this election cycle. As they point out there is a huge amount at stake in this election. Some of the candidates they have endorsed are seeking to replace Republicans who currently serve in the House or the Senate.

This PAC vigorously opposed Judge Brett Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court. He was a disastrous pick for many reasons who threatens the rights of millions of people in the United States. He is a right-wing extremist who wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade and supports the Supreme Court decision that allowed corporations to take over American politics.

Their opinion at this organization is that he will help further rig the system so that corporate special interests are able to get even more of their wishes fulfilled. Throughout his history as a Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh has shown that he almost always supports the interests corporations and wealthy people over those of average Americans. If there is a court case in the future where campaign finance reform is involved he will no doubt be the deciding vote blocking it.

The team behind ECU has opposed Supreme Court nominations in the past like they have Brett Kavanaugh. They were also against Judge Merrick Garland in 2006. Additionally, they opposed Donald Trump’s last Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. He, too, supports corporations over people.

Check: https://votesmart.org/interest-group/2568/end-citizens-united#.W5qSU5NKhTY


Gareth Henry Is Picked As A 2011 Rising Star

Gareth Henry was picked by the Institutional Investor as its 2011 “Rising Star” at the Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards for his great potential to ascend to the status of a leader in the hedge fund industry and for his substantial accomplishments therein and contributions thereto. Gareth Henry has been a professional investor with the Fortress Investment Group since joining the firm in the year of 2007 and holds the position of a managing director.

Gareth also holds two actuarial mathematics degrees from two universities, one from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and another first-class honors degree from the Heriot Watt University. In addition, Gareth Henry holds membership in two societies of actuaries, the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in United Kingdom and in the Fellow of Society of Actuaries in the United States. Gareth Henry’s job responsibilities at the Fortress Investment Group entails two main responsibilities: raising capital and constructing client relationships in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Gareth Henry’s employer, the Fortress Investment Group LLC, was chosen as the “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year” award for its industry excellence in innovation, achievements and contributions at the 2011 Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Award.

The Fortress Investment Group LLC is a publicly traded company. The stock exchange in which it is traded is the New York Stock Exchange and the stock ticker symbol under which it is traded is “FIG.” In the year of 1998, the Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded by Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. The threesome founded the Fortress Investment Group LLC due to the paucity of alternative asset managers in the hedge fund industry at the time offering alternative investment products to investors at large.

Visit More : angel.co/gareth-j-henry

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Jason Hope at the Forefront of Medical Technology

The annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference is a fundraising event hosted by the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS organization is regenerative medical research foundation that’s funded by investors, scientists, and researchers. Among the conference’s goals is the development of preventative strategies for combatting the negative effects of aging. Contributions are used for research and the development of drugs that fight aging and degenerative diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Treatments for these diseases and their various causative agents are discussed at the event by experts in the field. Developing the rejuvenation biotechnology industry is another focal point of the event. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

A major supporter and contributor to the SENS organization is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who advocates anti-aging research. The Cambridge SENS Laboratory and many research projects were partially funded by generous donations from Jason Hope. He gave $500,000 in 2010. The SENS Research Foundation is currently conducting research on drugs to treat advanced glycation end products (AGEs). This term encompasses the different types of metabolic waste that accumulate in the body and lead to degenerative processes. Mr. Jason Hope feels the benefits of breakthroughs from more research is worth the investment. He also hopes to inspire others to contribute. Jason Hope is very passionate about giving back to his community. He conducts his own research and is a regular writer on Internet of Things.

The research being conducted on AGEs may have major implications for the management of degenerative diseases and some areas of dermatology. AGEs are linked to age-related diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Age-related diseases occur because of breakdowns in the body that occur as we get older. AGEs are also linked to the loss of collagen and skin elasticity. Many studies have been conducted on animals and researchers have a better understanding of the the aging processes. Many different types of AGEs were found in animal tissue, but only one was identified in human tissue. It’s called glucosepane. Researchers can move forward with more confidence. They can focus on this particular protein. Treatments for AGEs may have a significant impact on the mobility of people who suffer from degenerative diseases. It may also impact the overall health of millions of people. Visit: https://interview.net/jason-hope-offers-insight-on-his-success-in-technology/


Southridge Capital: A Leader in Innovative and Bespoke Financial Solutions

Though a relatively new idea, cryptocurrencies are fast becoming ubiquitous. They are increasingly preoccupying the conversational spaces of individuals, companies and governments alike. With Bitcoin invented by Satoshi Nakamoto serving as the gold standard, digital currencies have captured the imagination of many entities including governments, companies, and banks which are increasingly investing resources towards coming up with their bespoke block-chain projects. This is despite the growing market volatilities associated with digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Buoyed by the increasing popularity of these decentralized digital currencies, multinational banks and financial advisory institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Barclays and Southridge Capital are increasingly embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and expanding their services portfolios to include digital currencies.


Other than these mainstream financial institutions, companies and financial entities such as Cboe and Intercontinental Exchange have accepted cryptocurrencies as trading products. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have also made their way into real estate and hospitality industries with major players such as Rick Hilton embracing blockchain ledgers and digital currencies. Despite their increasing uptake and acceptance especially in the global sector, cryptocurrencies are still feared in many quarters of the global community due to the relatively inadequate understanding of how they work and the volatility of their markets. However, Southridge Capital through its vast market expertise and top talents has played a significant role in demystifying cryptocurrencies through its bespoke and innovative financial advisory services.


When Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge in 1996, he based the business idea on his vast experience working in the hedge fund sector. Currently serving as the company’s chief executive officer, Mr. Hicks believes that their successes over the years have been founded on their industry knowledge that they have accumulated for over two decades. Basing their structured financial advisory services on experience has played a key role in the ability of the company to attract clients globally. You can visit citybizlist.com for more.



An alumnus of Fordham University and King’s College where he graduated with his Masters and B.S. degrees in Business Administration, respectively, Hicks is excited by the prospects offered by cryptocurrency. By continually monitoring markets for potential opportunities and clients, Hicks who is also skilled in risk arbitrage in addition to derivatives has guided Southridge Capital to global success and expanded its service portfolio.


Read more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538



Reference: https://ideamensch.com/stephen-hicks/


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We Are Generation Youth

The path to the top is seldom so easy, and many would contend that nothing earned without pain is worth having. For Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, coming out of retirement with their successful histories in enterprise was a great step toward their philanthropic worldviews but also a risky maneuver. As they’ve shown, risks like these are worth taking when your conviction burns hotter than the fear of failure, and to this day, the multi-level marketing (MLM) platform is poised for worldwide recognition as a fast-growing alternative to conventional age-stopping techniques.

Jeunesse Global was given its first heartbeat in September 9, 2009 as the spry duo briskly stepped from the protection of retirement and into a new world of age-reversal products that would be made available to people everywhere. The company has since burgeoned into a successful name that sells a highly researched and well-developed nine-point anti-aging system — the Youth Enhancement System — to help people understand how important it is to maintain the life in their years with the contemporary hazards that we face now.

The Nine Steps

The Youth Enhancement System is completely natural and formed from proprietary blends that Jeunesse’s own researchers developed from scientifically verified results. While it’s not intended to replace essential prescription treatments, the following that Jeunesse has amassed is a testament that the results are satisfying. One would assume that Randy and Wendy were on to something.

In an array of mediums, the Youth Enhancement System is applied to users in a variety of ways:

  • Gel packs
  • Powder blends
  • Juices
  • Edibles
  • Topical creams

The better half of the nine products that are offered within the system use different mediums of capitalize on the body’s absorption methods, which is essential to ensuring that their product is effective. The range of benefits includes:

  • More restful sleep, quicker wakefulness and day-long energy
  • Mood-lifting and mind-sharpening supplements
  • Skin-clearing creams that eliminate blemishes almost immediately while preventing them from returning in the long run
  • Superfood mixes that uniquely enhance the functionality of the immune system to engage recovery
  • Antioxidant blends with loads of antioxidants to slow the aging process down the road


Keep What You’ve Earned With Southridge Capital

When running a business, it is important to get enough bang for your buck. You see businesses going under all over the place; one big problem these businesses had is their resources are not optimized. Every penny counts, and you can’t afford to throw money away that you could be using to grow your empire. You have worked hard to create your business. Southridge can help you keep what you have earned.

Who is Southbridge Capital?

Southridge Capital has an executive team that has an in-depth understanding of how the market functions; they can create financing plans to help you and your business flourish. Since 1996 Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion into growth companies around the world. Having financed over 250 companies they understand what it takes to make it in the business world.

What does Southridge Capital Offer?

  • Financial Analysis: they design projected financial statements that show financial and operation assumptions. The analysis helps with estimating cash needs, determining appropriate valuations of the Company’s enterprise value and providing an analysis of assumptions made.
  • Balance Sheet Optimization: helps your company maintain a balance between debt and equity.
  • Restructuring Analysis: being versatile is crucial for any company Southridge Capital can help make the best financial moves when revamping your business.
  • Bankruptcy Advice: advises the company on if filing for bankruptcy is the correct choice or not. They negotiate with creditors to plan for the company to emerge from bankruptcy.
  • Legal Settlements: helps make legal requirements easier to understand minimizing time and expenses

Why Choose Southridge Capital?

According to PRNewswire, Southridge Capital has your best interests in mind. Your success is their success, and no one works harder than their expert advisors to make sure your business is heading towards the next level. With twenty years of experience; their knowledge of what a company needs to thrive is a must if you want to succeed. Check out their website southridge.com

Click here: http://newyork.citybizlist.com/article/286326/southridge-capital-entered-into-a-new-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-andalay-solar

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Jason Hope And The Anti-Aging Cure

How will our word transform over the next year, five or even ten? Very few can answer this question, but perhaps the one man who does have an idea is Jason Hope. He has single-handed dedicated his life to advancing humankind is ways not seen before. The world that we live in remains unlike anything in history Our world grows smaller by the day, and yet, we are unable to explore it because time is not on our side. With people like Jason Hope, all that can change before we know it, and it’s a reason to smile.

As a graduate of Arizona State University, Jason Hope spends most of his time looking for ways to invest his time and resources. His keen eye for technology, humanities, and investment as a whole makes him the right man for the task. It’s almost like he posses a bird’s eye view of where the world is headed while the rest of us fight to survive. A fight many would argue we are losing. If we’re lucky, we may be on this planet for 70 or maybe 80 years. We could go on to see a single revolution in the way humanity better understands and commands the world around us.

Fortunately, that might not be the case for too much longer. Jason Hope has made investments in organizations like the SENS Foundation, which is seeking to combat a silent killer, death.

By looking at many of the diseases that force us to age faster than we should otherwise, they are leasing the charge towards an anti-aging cure. Death may as well be the result of our lack of understanding, and not a fact of life. Many medicines developed up to this point aim to treat specific illnesses and diseases instead of preventing them in the first place or better yet, reversing their effects on the body. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

This will lead to billions of people to live longer and healthier lives, all because men like Jason Hope put the collective first. This kind of thinking will lead to.a new opportunity for people to explore all of the wonders of the woworld In doing so, the world will grow ever smaller yet, because one man had a vision few can see.  Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Jason Hope is as forward-thinking as they come, investing in the minds of the young who will also help shape our world. The battle so many have lost, no longer will define the future of our species. His facebook page

Bob Reina: He Has People and Animal Skills

If there is one thing that Bob Reina prides himself on, it is the ability to connect with people. That has never been a problem for him, and it never will be a problem for him because he understands people and animals alike. That is half the battle for a lot of people. They need to step up to the plate and be there for people when they share their story. When they are going through a tough time, they need someone that is going to show them a better way of life and a better way to live. It is how Bob Reina looks at life, which is always from a positive point of view.


Nothing was ever accomplished with a bad attitude or a bad approach to life. When someone is positive and looking at things from the right state of mind, they can accomplish anything. Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007, and now they have reached the decade mark. That is something to be very proud of: longevity. It is one thing to start a company, but it is another thing to see it grow and build as the years go on and generate more customers. Right now, they have 30-day free trials for people that are looking to try out this video communications company.


Bob Reina is confident they will not be disappointed when they get their hands on the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. As a matter of fact, they will be blown away by what they see and what they discover. They will see new ways to impact their life and make it a lot more enjoyable. Bob Reina is also making life a lot more enjoyable for animals at the Tampa Bay Humane Society with his donation of over one million dollars recently. He has done kind things like this in the past as well where he has picked up the tab for people that had big vet bills.


Bob Reina does not want praise and he does not have an ego. He just truly cares. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/videos/2963037773434/


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