George Street Photo & Video Locations

George Street Photo and Video is a company that specializes in wedding photography. Their services are available in numerous locations, including Washington, District of Colombia, Virginia, and San Diego, California.


George Street provides wedding photo and video services in some of Washington D.C.’s most beautiful locations, including Black Hill Regional Park, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Rock Creek Park, National City Museum, Brookside Gardens, and Meridian Hill Park. You and your love can have stunning wedding pictures in some of the most scenic places in Washington D.C.

In San Diego, California, engagement and wedding photography and videos are shot by George Street at gorgeous locations such as Mission Trails Regional Park, Sunset Cliffs National Park, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, Bernardo Winery, La Jolla Cove, and old Poway Park.


For pricing, availability, and more information about George Street Photos and Video, visit the website at

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A Comprehensive Review Of The Achievements Of Mike Baur In Supporting Startups

Mike Baur, the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, is an entrepreneur with a background in Banking and Finance. He derives passion in supporting startups and upcoming entrepreneurs and the same motivation is what pushed him to launch the Swiss Startup Factory. He invests both his time and money to ensure the company runs smoothly and offers useful services that can help upcoming entrepreneurs stand on their own in the competitive market.

Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur runs an incubation program that spans three months after which the entrepreneurs are ushered into the real world of business. Once the three months are over, the startups are issued with financing and post acceleration support for five months to ensure the ideas they learn from the program are incorporated well in the management of their business.

Legal support and education

It is not possible to run a business oblivious of the legal framework that controls the business world. Legal education as affects business is necessary and this is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory explores to help their entrepreneurs understand more about the industry. This role is handled by the Wenger & Vieli, a law firm that offers legal advice and information about the legal world to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The mentoring session lasts 20 minutes and is run by a Wenger & Vieli lawyer. Some of the basics they are taught include who can start a company and the effects of contravening some legal procedures. It also allows the entrepreneurs to understand the legal action they can take whenever something is done contrary to the values of their business.

Goal definition and staffing

Most importantly, the Swiss Startup Factory helps young entrepreneurs to define their goals and organize staffing. Most young businesses fail because they lack specific goals they are meant to achieve or do not have proper staffing to help them succeed like their competitors. Imparting these skills will help them be more organized and eliminate the challenges that come with a poor arrangement of their business.

About Mike Baur

Mike Baur has always been passionate about Finance and Banking and this motivated him to choose the course in the university. He attended the Bern University for an Executive MBA having graduated from the Rochester University with an MBA. Mike Baur exited banking in 2014 and launched the Swiss Startup Factory, which is offering support to upcoming entrepreneurs.

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Adam Goldenberg – CEO and Entrepreneur

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are co-founders and co-CEOs of Just Fab, a very successful fashion, and accessories membership business. Mr. Goldenberg began working as the COO of Intermix Media, where he met his partner-to-be, Don Ressler. They became great friends and decided to combine their talents and start Intelligent Beauty, then Just Fab, which has extended its business into six countries, including the U.S., Germany, Canada, France, U. K., the Netherlands, and Spain, as of now, but they probably do not plan to stop there. Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur since 1997 when he was just 15 years of age. This is when he created Gamer’s Alliance, an advertising network of gaming sites. He sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media (the parent company of Facebook) in 1999.

2006 brought on the sale of Intermix Media to News Corp. for over $650 Million. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006. 2010 brought the creation of the membership based business, Just Fab. After four years, Just Fab has proved to be a winner. It has brought in over $55 Million in funding and has added Shoe Dazzle, a shoe introduction service, and the new membership-based Fabletics, an active-wear company co-founded by Kate Hudson, to its current lines of fashions and accessories. Just Fab is also the parent company of Fab Kids.

Adam Goldenberg believes that transparency within the company is very important to the success of the company. By having all teams, in every department, go over the numbers, everyone sees the areas that need to make improvements and can act accordingly. This will enable everyone to help keep the business growing. He also believes in customer feedback and lets this feedback be a guide in merchandising and product decisions.

Adam Goldenberg is a venture partner at Crosscut Ventures, which is a venture fund that helps give funding for the growth of tech communities in the south of California.

Mr. Goldenberg believes that what you are selling should be in front of how you are selling it. If the customers don’t like your products, or your prices are not competitive, they won’t come back. Since Mr. Goldenberg and his teams do their own designs and manufacture them in-house, he wants his teams to be very passionate about their creations, their presentations, or anything else they deal with in their departments. Passion is what makes a product sell. Source:

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The Benefits of Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been proven to be one of the most powerful tools for marketing and promoting techniques. Wikipedia is a site that not only provides information to the audience, but can also provide a positive outlook on the business, destination, or even individual who is being discussed. When it comes to internet information, the most available information or positive information will give the public a positive outlook on what is being researched and evaluated. For personal branding or even when branding a business, hiring a Wiki writer to write positive and accurate content, is one of the best ways for a positive promotion.

Wikipedia is an online collaborative site that enables anyone to attach what they know about any particular topic. As an open source tool, this site can be very effective to promoting an individual or a company. With prime real estate on the Google database, it can be beneficial to hire a Wikipedia editor to continuously update a Wikipedia page. In doing this, individuals who are searching a specific topic will come across the Wikipedia page first and will be able to see up to date content on any given subject. In addition to this, Wikipedia is also a trustworthy site because of the dedicated Wikipedia editors that pay attention to not only the content, but also the accuracy of the content.

In recent news, Wikipedia was used as a way to demonstrate Irish pride after the 2016 Euro cup that showcased Italy and Ireland. During one of the matches of this event, Robert Brady of the Irish football team was able to make the last goal for Ireland within the last five minutes of the game. This goal one Ireland a spot in the final 16 for the 2016 Euro cup. As a provider of this honor, fans have now dubbed Robert Brady as one of the most beloved men in Ireland.

To showcase the fans love for Robert Brady, hundreds of fans decided to add information about Robert Brady to his Wikipedia page. Some of the newly added information included the changing of his name to be Robert ‘The Messiah’ Brady or Robert ‘Jesus Christ’ Brady. Within hours of Ireland’s victory, over 100 fans added compliments to Robert Brady’s Wikipedia page. Though his page has since then been corrected, this is an example of the positive influence that the Wikipedia page can have on the careers of individuals and businesses that are in the public eye.

Helane Morrison’s Life and Work

Helane Morrison serves as Hall Capital Partners’ Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. She is also a part of the firm’s executive committee. Before joining Hall Capital Partners, she was in charge of the San Francisco SEC office. While serving as Director and the District Administrator prior to working at the SEC, Helane Morrison was involved in regulatory matters, securities enforcement and litigation. She was also head of the local SEC office in San Francisco for four years from 1996 to 1999 as well as representing it in legal and business communities.

Before joining the SEC, Helane Morrison was a member of the Howard, Rice Nemerovski, Canady Falk and Rabkin law firm in San Francisco for ten years from 1986 to 1996. She was eventually elevated to a partner of the firm in 1991. She mainly focused on amtters pertaining to private securities actions and SEC. Prior to entering private practice, Helane Morrison worked as Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun’s and Richard Posner’s law clerkfrom for two years from 1984 to 1986. She is currently serving on the Board of Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Helane Morrison is a periodic speaker on topics pertaining to compliance, legal issues affecting investment advisers and private funds. Helane has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism as well as a J.D.from Northwestern University and Berkeley School of Law respectively. While studying at the University of California, she served as the Editor-in-Chief for the California Law Review.

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DeVos Family Contributes to Development of Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

In recent days, the media has been covering a story regarding the upcoming development of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The center is scheduled to be completed and ready for use by the year 2018. The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts developing committee had previously created a fundraising platform with the goal of obtaining 125 million dollars by the end of the year 2013. The developing committee has reached an amazing goal of 175 million dollars, a whopping 50 million dollars over the expected revenue of the fundraiser. This news has impressed other fundraising entities around the world and has led to major press coverage regarding the fundraiser. News outlets questioned the Kennedy Center’s developmental committee regarding the specific sources of the larger donations that the center received. It was no surprise that one of the major donors to the Kennedy Center’s fundraising program was the philanthropic couple, Dick and Betsy Devos. The couple has had a long history of donating large amounts of money to campaigns, fundraisers, and platforms which they believe will serve to better the community and serve their fellow citizens.

Dick Devos is best known for the company he inherited from his father, Amway. After the passing of the Devos’ father and the founder of Amway, Richard Devos Sr., the company was given to Dick Devos and he became its chief executive. After a period of time where Devos successfully led Amway to become one of the top multi level marketing companies in the United States, Dick Devos focused is efforts on his philanthropic pursuits and on political ideas. Dick and his wife Betsy began to become seriously involved in the campaigns of right wing candidates who they felt would successfully complete their terms in office. The couple is responsible for the nomination and election of several notable congressman, governors, and senators in the state of Michigan. Dick Devos even began a campaign to run as the gubernatorial candidate for the republican party in the state of Michigan, but was unsuccessful in his bid and lost the the democratic nominee. His set back in the election, however, did not deter his family from staying active in political and social issues that were occurring in Michigan. The Devos’ have made a legacy for their family by becoming active participants in the political process and by exercising generosity on behalf of organizations that they believe in such as the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.

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Bernardo Chua Announces New Organo Gold Preferred Customer Program And Benefits

Bernardo Chua has done it again. The award-winning founder of Organo Gold has found yet another way to help people that use Organo Gold products. Not only do the Organo Gold products which are infused with ganoderma help to improve people’s health, now people will receive rewards just for purchasing them. It’s part of the new rewards program the innovative entrepreneur has created. Called the Preferred Customer program, the new system will now save people money and provide them with many other benefits when they purchase Organo Gold products regularly.

The new Preferred Customer rewards program is available to both Organo Gold retail customers as well as distributors located in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It’s designed to provide them with a support system, continued high-quality customer service, specials, and savings on a wide range of popular Organo Gold products. Chua explained that the Preferred Customer program is a model created to provide diversification and help to expand the number of businesses that carry the products.

In order to participate in the rewards program, retail customers and distributors must become a part of the Organo Gold auto-ship program. By joining they get a 25% discount plus they save on all of the orders they place each month. Many distributors see a marked increase in their sales volume while retail customers are able to get a lot more Organo Gold products for their money.

Retail customers enrolled in the new Preferred Customer rewards program have exclusive access to promotions as well as specials related to Organo Gold products. Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can simply visit the Organo Gold website and register to become part of the program. People that do so will get access the Preferred Customer hotline, representatives, plus exceptional services and assistance.

Chua’s goal has long been to give as many people as possible easy access to the health improving benefits of ganoderma. Through Organo Gold, he offers a line of gourmet hot chocolate, coffees, green teas, and a wide range of other beverages containing the extract from the health improving ganoderma mushroom.  Check out Bernardo’s Facebook for more, and read the full story on BitsyLink.

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Review of Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s Bistro

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In Escondido, many businesses start with the first name such as Mart’s Small Appliance, Cathy’s Canine and Lupita’s Mexican. In this city, the grandfatherly police views young people having jewelry with suspicion. It is imperative to note that Escondido attracts agricultural elites from San Diego.

A combination of different factors makes Escondido a safe haven for the best cooks in the county. However, Patrick Ponsaty is a highly revered chef. He is renowned as Master Chef of France, a rare designation in San Diego. The other prestigious award is the Marine Room’s Bernard Guillas.

Patrick made a name for himself while working at the Rancho Bernardo Inn by helping Gavin Kaysen become a successful chef. Patrick worked at the Loews before joining Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s Bistro.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar plans to expand the restaurant through utilizing the 144-acre property to build a four-star event space complete with a signature restaurant. For all this to happen, a marquee chef will be required. Bellamy’s is providing the residents of San Diego with some of the best foods in the region as prepared by a top-notch staff.

Bellamy’s has an exquisite signage that includes smooth-jazz paintings, plush seats and Coppertone-brown walls. The Master Chef of France serves delicious meals such as the corn soup, which is prepared using cream and espelette peppers. The soup is served with lime juice, cilantro, olive oil and ginger.

At the restaurant, consumers are served parsley-cream risotto with crunchy poached salmon and summer truffle. The mille-feuille prepared by Ponsaty and Reidy is carefully topped with apple slices, smoked eel as well as liver confit and a little bit of pork fat.

The mushroom ravioli is well prepared and topped with wine sauce. This information was originally reported on San Diego Magazine as seen in this link

About Brian Bonar

PR News Wire reveals that Brian Bonar is a successful financial expert. Owing to his extensive business leadership, Brian has worked for different leading corporations. Bonar has a Technical Engineering degree in addition to a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Because of his technical background, Brian is able to build effective business structures that will deliver results.

Previously, Brian has worked for IBM and QMS. At IBM, Brian served as a procurement officer while at QMS, he was in charge of 100 employees. At Adaptec, Bonar was the sales manager. Given his experience from these companies, Brian was able to start his company, Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar also served as a top manager of Dalrada Financial Corporation. His ability to combine his technical skills and creative mind has enabled him to register impressive success in all his undertakings. He is well versed on issues of mergers and acquisitions. In the year 2000, Brian was recognized through the Who’s Who in America. Brian is a leader of the Trucept Corporation.

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Coriant Looks To Find Success With New Development Areas

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The Coriant company was established in 2013 after Marlin Equity Partners bought the optical networking department of Nokia Siemens and merged it with a number of other established companies within the industry. Coriant has been a major supporter of the development of new technologies that have recently been developed to create a new era in the optical networking industry, which is concerned with the steady and speedy passage of data, voice, and text for major communications providers.

Coriant has recently looked to begin a new era of development of new technologies that are being overseen by the experienced technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir; the employment of Kheradpir came after he was brought on board by Marlin to complete a review of Coriant to identify areas where profits could be increased. Shaygan Kheradpir was named as the successor to Pat DiPietro who has returned to his former position with Marlin Equity Partners, which DiPietro had always planned to do after leading Coriant from its inception. Kheradpir will bring a range of skills to his role as the CEO of Coriant, including the ability to make sure research and development are completed in a timely fashion.

The skills of Shaygan Kheradpir are based upon his electrical engineering qualifications and more than three decades of business experience. During his initial employment as an executive with GTE Labs and Verizon Shaygan Kheradpir has become well known in the communications industry for developing new ways of developing technology; among the developments credited to Kheradpir are the division of employees into small teams with 30 day deadlines for working on a new area of technology.

These advances include the creation of a lightning resistant cable that reduces the problems caused with slow data transfer when storms strike a region; further advances seen recently from Coriant include the revealing of a new Cloud storage and data transmission program that will benefit the on demand programming services of the world. Shaygan Kheradpir has undertaken a series of exhibits to show off the latest technology offered by Coriant that will lead them to greater levels of success in the future.

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